Signed- 2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe $66,445 MSRP

Picked her up yesterday, not the biggest discounts you have all seen but for Southern California I think I came through. Seen the finance guys screen when he was filling docs out showed a red dealer net loss of over 2k on the spreadsheet. I hope thats a win!

Anyway the goods 2023 JGC 4xe Base
MSRP $66,445
Sale Price $61,219 ~ 7.87% off
RV- 67%
Incentives 12,500
Total payment including 8.75% tax= $565/month
24 months
10k miles
Due at signing- $600
Lease hackr score~ 10.5ish years if i did it right


Not a bad discount on a 2023 in CA. Did they have any lower MSRP units?

Yes they did i wanted the tech package so i didnt bother negotiating on those


Nice work… I’m starting to believe that there’s a hard line on these, around 8 to 8.5% that most dealers won’t touch without getting a little creative with the other variables in the deal.

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No shipping, no broker fee & I assume no affiliate…effective payment looks good to me. Congrats on the new Jeep!

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Nice job OP! Congrats on the car!


No affiliate, was gonna sign up for tread lighty but i didn’t have the time to wait 30 days. My Jeep rubi 4xe is getting bought back under lemon law. And they want to have the repurchase done in less than 30 days. But would of been sweeter to have it!


Congrats. A solid deal in an area that’s tough to get much.


Which SoCal dealer? MF?

Hit this man up for the 1k private offer. He is the man if you cant get one to pop up.


That’s a good deal man! Where did you find it? I’m open to your DMs.

LA county got 10.25% for taxes :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

What’s the breakdown of the incentives here?

Bonus lease cash 4k
Jeep private offer 1k
EV Credit 7.5k

Hey man, how did you get the private offer from Jeep? and how long did it take you to get it?

play with the jeep builder and itll eventually pop up
if you cant figure it out @harrydogyo scalps cars / coupons / tickets
he can help you out :joy:


Yeah @harrydogyo is your man

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Lol. I give the codes for freeee

Everything else will cost you.

Seriously anyone can pm me with name email and zip and I’ll get you one. As long as my laptop keeps allowing them. For now they pop every time.


That’s honestly not a bad discount on a '23. Did they mark up the Money Factor? They had to right?

So i was reading another post @harrydogyo replied to and realized i am in a stellantis lease not a ccap. The buyout is $44,518.15 which makes my RV 67% so if anyone can do the math for the money factor that would be nice.
My deal was structured and agreed to under ccap well when I go to sign I see stellantis on the paperwork. I questioned it and the sales manager(not the guy i worked with) told me oh chrysler and stellantis merged. So i signed and took my car. Well as i said @harrydogyo let me know that isnt the case and to see if they will change it. I requested and told them to change it as it was the deal agreed to the sales guy i worked with is working on it. So i believe the mf is hiked up but the RV is hiked up too compared to ccap.