Signed- 2023 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe $66,445 MSRP

Alot of ppl wanted to stay away from stellantis and the big reason is you can’t buyout any phev.

Yet on my contract


I got a computer printed X and a manually written X that I did not initial. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I don’t know about the limitations on Stellantis leases, but when running it compared to CCAP it was always just a few $ more per month but basically the same - except the buyout will be higher due to the higher residual on Stellantis. Incentives should be identical for both.

Lol just got off the phone with the sales manager at a local socal CDJR dealer. Their best offer was 4.2% off… on a 2022. I’m so glad I didn’t go this route.


Rough discount… i still got a good deal regardless of lease company

It isnt June 15th yet.

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Yup so i am wondering why that box is checked on my agreement :thinking:

I just got 3 codes. As promised if in NY let me know.

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Yes. Thank you for this! I got my $1000 right after I PM’d you.

Currently at the dealer…we’ll see how this goes.

Awesome goodluck

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Visited the same SoCal Dealership yesterday and got nearly the same deal (7.3% off msrp + 12,500 rebates), on 36/12. Thank you Chino60! Same model but without the premium paint color upgrade. The RV/MF was exactly what LH calculator quoted with CCAP and within $1 of the estimated payment. Very happy with the deal and experience with this dealership as every other dealer we visited wouldnt budge on the internet price or required 3k in unwanted dealer add-ons. This dealership provided our asking price without haggling, didn’t push any add-ons, no hidden fees, and got us in/out pretty quick. The other dealers we visited were empty or nearly empty in the sales offices. This dealership was packed with buyers for good reason. I had contacted this dealer via phone and email earlier in the week without much luck on offered price, so finding the right dealer and visiting in person can help tremendously and save a ton of time.


Congratulations :confetti_ball: enjoy the new ride! Happy to help.


How would affiliate make this better? Congrats OP.

Some dealers will give an additional discount amount with affiliate when youre beyond the normal affiliate amount.

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Thanks Matt. Wasn’t sure if it was a set amount or discretionary but sounds like the latter.

Really? I had a lot of dealers say they couldn’t give me affiliate because I was already below the 1% discount…

Can you share which dealer this was?

1% below invoice is what theyre “supposed” to do, but there are many that will an additional discount with affiliate on discounts beyond 1% under.

I don’t know how or why some can make it work and others can’t. Personally, I target a specific number and if the dealer can use the affiliate to make it happen, more power to them. If they can gst to it without affiliate, thats cool too.

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Congrats on this deal! I’m shopping in Boston and no dealer is offering anywhere near that discount on sale price.

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Hi, I am interested to lease a GC 4xe. Is there any broker you recommended?

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There are many excellent ones in the marketplace. Where are you located? That will drive the best recommendation