SIgned: 2023 Audi Q5 SUV S Linę 45 Premium Plus with 3 Year AudiCare 36/7500 Cash $2687 + $1896 (equity), $541 monthly

Not nearly like 2019-2020 deals, but happy with this deal in current marketplace.

Warm Weather package. Black Optics. No NAV. No Tow Hitch. Only 3 Black/Black configured this way across the country at the time.

2019 Audi Q5 Premium Plus SUV Warm Weather Package. $1896 positive equity + $3000 Rebates (Audi Lease Loyalty, Audi Regional, Audi Customer Benefit)

MSRP $57225 (incidentally, Audi quietly raised prices by $700 on Premium Plus very recently). Buy rate MF=0.00187. Max MSDs (x9) RV=63% with AC ($1349- Audi recently raised their prices).


Navigation is so overrated to me in 2023. As long as you have Car Play or Android Auto, you’re set.


Congrats on the deal. What was the discount off MSRP (excluding rebates)?


That’s exactly why I did NOT want it or the tow. $1500 and $950 options that I don’t need/want. Much rather spend on Black Optics $1300 and Warm weather $1450 options.

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7.38% pre-incentive discount. I had another deal with greater than 10% at the #2 Audi sales dealership, but only $1000 rebates and by the time we got things sorted out with AFS (lease extension was not allowing Lease Loyalty) on weekday- car was sold. No big loss since it had the Tow so overall payments were pretty close to my deal.

I presented my deal proposal, but the SM wouldn’t be that aggressive- esp since this rare optioned had only been on their lot 3 days. (Manufacture date 11-30-22). But my guy found $2000 additional rebates that other dealers didn’t have that they were able to apply so it got us to the finish line.

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Congrats! Sharp looking ride with black optics. Does your listed DAS of $2686 include positive equity?

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No. the full DAS listed on the contract: $12532.50. Cash $2686.50 + $3000 rebates + $4950 MSDs (x9) + $1896 positive equity.

I have had some Audi deals funded with 9 MSDs. Others, charge 10 with credit for 9.

Then your numbers in the title are a bit misleading. Your actual DAS should read $4,576. $2680 cash, which you paid out of pocket, and $1896 in form of equity. Your equity, those funds belonged to you. You could have taken it as a check instead of rolling into the deal, and deposited into your bank account, no? How’s that different from cash portion?

I don’t think that’s correct either. I was also under impression that since only max of 9 deposits are actually reducing MF, you could just pay 9, but it appears AFS does this +1 deposit thing, so to get credit for 9 deposits, you still need to put 10. Credit to @DonnyAudi for providing the info.

So if you put 9 MSDs, only 8 are counted towards actually reducing MF. If you build the calculator, you can see it clearly. That was my mistake too in december, when I got my Q5 Sportback


I actually got credit for 9. Same as on eTron deal that I did at Santa Monica back in 2020.

Can you post your contract? We’ll be able to reverse calculate MF to see if that’s the case.

I updated the title of the post to reflect the positive equity.


Deleted for clarity

Had considered, but “new car will feature a large square infotainment tablet and an on-trend freestanding digital instrument cluster ahead of a four-spoke steering wheel.”

Not a fan of 4 spoke steering wheel and the Tesla-like big iPad Pro in the middle only.

Its (rent charge / number of months) / (adjusted cap cost + rv).

Your rent charge is 4371.19?
36 months.
RV is 36051.75?
What is the adjusted cap cost from the contract?

Agree with this. Rough math $24K or $668/month effective with a refresh coming next MY.

Yes to all those numbers. It’s a formula presented differently. Money Factor Explained [+ Calculator] | Find The Best Car Price

$49451.96 Adjusted Cap Cost

MF= (4371.19/36= 121.42194440)/ (49451.96+36051.75= 85503.71) = 0.001420078

For it to be the same formula, your version had to have adjusted cap cost. What is “Selling price including AC”?

This wasn’t even calculating correctly: 4371.19 / ((54347.96 + 36051.75) x 36) = 0.00134316741

So is this: 2680 + 3000 + 4950 + 1896 = 12526

Most of the numbers you posted so far make no sense. Can you just post or PM me screenshot of 1st page of your contract, sans personal info of course? Like this:

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I provided this signed deal as another data point to help out LH community.

I know you got your $499 Q5 SB deal and congrats. But, it feels a bit over the top with RE to my deal.

I corrected the cash due by adding the $6.50. My numbers don’t make sense? Sorry that I’m not allowed to mistakenly omit $6.50. And since you are asking- selling price + AC= Gross Capitalized Cost. These numbers are irrevelant to most on this forum. I deleted the alternative MF calculation since you caught an error- so thank you. I don’t think 99.9% of LH are hand-calculating MF.

I also indulged you on hand calculating the MF since you didn’t believe that I got 9 credits- not that it matters since it’s my deal.

I understand wanting to be as precise as you can, but I don’t see most users wanting/needing that detail.

Thanks for bringing up different ways of calculating things. Even the LH calculator is an estimate.

It’s Pre-incentive discount, cash for driveoffs, rebates, +/- equity, term/mileage, net MF. Then, it’s up to the individual to make their judgment on their own respective deal.

I thought that’s what this community was about- sharing and learning from each of our experiences. And I did learn something here- how to hand calculate MF.

This has nothing to do with my deal, nor do I care whether you put 9 or 10 or none MSDs at all. In the grand scheme of things it has little bearing on the quality of the deal overall. You’re right - this community is about sharing and learning.

The point is - we want to share and learn correct, precise and truthful information. Your claims about number of MSDs and how many are actually credited go against what others report, and against my own experience. Prove me wrong, I’d be happy to admit it. Just don’t make erroneous claims that could potentially lead to complications with someone else’s negotiations. “But I read on LH that you only need to put 9 MSDs to get max deduction”. “What do you mean contract was rejected by AFS?”.

So, lets cut the BS: did you put 9 MSDs and got max deduction of 0.00045 from the base MF or not?