SIGNED - 2022 Mercedes-Benz EQS450+ One-Pay ($445/mo effective)

Same for me. I miscalculated when I pulled the quote the other day. Stings a little but at sub $500/month, can’t complain to much.

Apples to apples comparison, I was saving $500 a month over my current car but since insurance is so much higher, might only be $400…

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Was paying $7xx for 6 months, allstates

Was clicking around the RODO and there was an option for a quote I think?

I am already working on putting this together. We will be chilling out on Long Island this summer, and I have @HersheySweet, @Dany1122, and @Sammy1184 signed up. @LeaseNYC, @senwia, and @Kellstar―along with anyone else who has too much free time on their hands―PM me if you would be willing to make the drive out!



Yes, it was―I picked mine up less than a half hour away from where I live.


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Haha perfect. Family is on Long Island and will be making that drive anyway.


Is this strictly for EQS folks or can I spoil the party? Lol

Just curious. What is the process of activation? Dealer does it or the customer?

Dealer did it, took 10 mins on his computer and quickly linked to app.

Is it looks like a bean you’re allowed :joy:


I’ve been trying to get a EQS SUV at a decent price and haven’t had much luck. Hoping this week I can get something signed

There’s like about 3000 of them across the country and they are sitting. It’s only going to get better with more support from Mercedes and higher RVs.

If somone can wait to lease 2023 unit i would wait until February next year :sunglasses::upside_down_face:

This is why I am not really sweating trying to find one fast. It may be wishful thinking, but I feel the above will be true.

If not and I miss out, onto the next thing :slight_smile: There is always something else…

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The world is healing, FL will still be shit though.

We do suffer incommensurately here :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

But on a car like this, shipping in from nearly anywhere is a small percentage of MSRP✔️

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Not an amazing deal, but if you’re in SoCal and looking to buy ASAP I have a dealer that will do 14% off pre-incentives if you mention me as a referral, PM me if you want the info! (For the sake of transparency I got an SUV from this dealer at a higher discount and attempted to arrange a group buy for others, but they said they wouldn’t do it again and 14% was the deal they’d give).


This is going to be the ultimate test of whether LHer can move markets. I know 6 EQS SUVs were sold to LHers within 48 hours last week, probably as many as were sold during the first two weeks of the month, haha. Very curious as to what the April programs are going to be.


14% is rookie numbers. Multiple dealers in California offering 17% easily

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