Signed: 2022 Grand Cherokee 4XE - MSRP $63,955 - $454/Month 24/10 Sign & Drive


Over the last few weeks been seeing the 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4XE deals. My wife lease on her Mercedes 2020 GLB 250 was up in 4 months so decided to start working some dealerships. It took 6 different dealerships and 5 days to get the deal done. Will post pictures shortly.

Breakdown of Deal Below
MSRP $63,955
Sale Price $58,589 8.39% off
Incentives/Rebates $13,500
61% Residual
.00057 MF
24 Month
10k Miles
$454 Effective Monthly 0 down Sign and Drive

With trade equity from Mercedes additional $3,650 applied dropping payment to
$298 a month.


Congrats. Did you have another CDJR vehicle to get the full 13590 in rebates?

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I used the $1,000 Bonus Cash to get to the $13,500.

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Do you have a breakdown of the rebates? Here on the ‘22s it’s 7.5k fed credit, $2k bonus cash, $2k returning lessee credit, and $1k TDM code.

Plus The TDM

How’d you get the TDM code? Nice deal!

1 Like there are a few other threads that have the exact instructions.

Ccap is 59% for 24/10

Stellantis financial is 61%, but the mf is higher

There have been a couple contracts lately with the wrong rv. Not sure how it’s happening.

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Chrysler financial allows for a dealer to increase up to 2% on their 24/10 for tier 1 credit. Once you start negotiating they always start with 59% and will budge to 60%. If they don’t want to discount more then 7%-9% off msrp get them to go to 61% Residual which is what I had them do.


Great deal and congrats :100:

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Thats the listing that shows the rv increase for the different mileage terms. There are no other discussions in the rv guide for how the value changes with mileage

First off congrats , but pretty sure you cannot negotiate with the dealer to increase residual . ie on a 24/10 they don’t start at 59% and increase it to 61% . That’s just the difference between 10k miles and 12k


Just to give example that you can negotiate the Residual. Both numbers identical only change was residual.


I don’t think this proves anything as the most likely case is they are just dropping the MF a bit.


They went even further to $454 a month to close the deal with .00057 MF. When I talked to Finance Manager he said they increased the residual.

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You cannot negotiate a residual value as it is set by the bank. It is what it is. Those documents show different payments, sure, but there is nothing specifying the residual (whether it be the actual amount or the percentage).

Congrats on the new Jeep!


Where can I find if the acquisition fee is waived in my region? I live in Southern California and i have a few local dealers that still have a few 22’s left on the lot. Gotta start shopping im getting rid of my wrangler 4xe. Need something a little bigger.

I understand that some dealers may be doing this incorrectly, but there isnt anything in the lease programs guide that suggests this is a doable thing.

More likely, it’s a dealer that has incorrectly interpreted the lease program guide and hasn’t had the deal audited by ccap yet. Lots of “wrong” deals have been getting done lately.

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I’m confused, why are people doubting that increasing the residual is a thing when it seems clearly stated in this pic? I assume this is a screen cap of the CCAP lease guide that dealers can access?

Also I forget which one but there was another GC 4xe posted where the OP was wondering why the residual was 61, seems he got the same treatment.

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Correct, and this is a breakdown of what the residual is based on 24,27,36,39 month 12k miles.

Low mile 10k or less can be increased. On the 24 month it would go from 58 residual to 60%. Why we are seeing some 61% not sure.