SIGNED: 2022 GC 4XE - MSRP $62155 - $425/Effective. Dealer paid me to fly down

Called every dealer within state, no one would budge. Expanded out the search, telling myself i’d be willing to drive a few hours for a good deal. Ended up finding a dealer willing to do 10% off MSRP but they were 500 miles away, driving became out of question. I decided to use some points to book a cheap flight for next day. Unfortunately, dealer said car battery was dead and to come down in two days.

While waiting, i decided to call nearby states. Found one that matched the deal but they were an additional 300 miles from where i was planning to fly into. They offered to give me a further discount to cover my flight, plus an additional amount to earn my business. Oh and they’d deliver the car to me at the airport at no charge.

I hung out at the airport lounge for a few hours, and sure enough, they delivered. Signed at a local starbucks and was on my way.

MSRP: $62155
Dealer Discount: $6423
Incentives/Rebates: $13500
MF: .00057
Residual: 59%
Term: 24mo/10k

$0 DAS.
Effective Monthly: $425



I was worried about the color, but i actually really like this red. Love the car, next step is to pick up a level 2 charger.


State ? Well done !


Dealer was in Georgia. I’m in MI. This was the last 2022 on the lot. At first they told me they don’t do leases out of state and they couldn’t for a 2022 . I pushed the sales manager and eventually worked it out, this being their first lease out of state.


Congrats on the new car! Really nice to hear the dealership put so much effort in to earn your business.


Wow that’s awesome to get the discount and the flight :clap:


hopefully your plates come in time

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Does that matter anymore? I had a couple of out of state leases before and during Covid where temporary tags were little more than shredded paper it took so long for title work to be done.

Yup. I had a client who didn’t say “hey, my temp tag is expired and I haven’t gotten my registration yet” and he got a ticket because it was expired, when I could have easily gotten him a new temp tag.

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Do i need to do anything else? My first time leasing out of state.

I thought i just waited around to get stuff in the mail.

In essence, that’s all you do. If you haven’t heard anything in 30 days, you may need to start nagging the dealer (or the company they use to process out of state registrations).

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I might go the same route. Were you still able to get the regional incentives from an out of state dealer? If so did they use their local incentives, or the incentives from where you live?

All the desperate dealers seem to be in Georgia eith these

Incentives/rebates are all regional based. Dealer will apply whatever you’re eligible for depending on your residing state.

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How were the rebates $13,500. What else did you get other than the $7500 ev rebate?

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Plugin your zipcode and see what you qualify for:

There is an additional 1k you can get as a private offer if you visit the jeep site and browse for GC 4xe, you’ll see a pop up.


Are rates incentivized on these or am I missing something? For a 24/10 lease I’m seeing 58% and .00509 per the CCAP worksheet. I’d like to help my friend get out a Wrangler and into one of these if possible.

The GC & Wrangler (4xe) rates are often incentivized, but they don’t typically show in the standard documents.

For example, on the base trim it is 0.00192 on the 24 month. (range is from 0.00192 - 0.00172 @ buy rate)

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Ok thanks… do you happen to know what it is for 36 months? Or is 24 the sweet spot right now?

MY22 or MY23?