SIGNED: 2022 GC 4XE - MSRP $62155 - $425/Effective. Dealer paid me to fly down

My bad… MY22

Even better (if you’re able to locate the right unit) as MY22 rates are stupid low.

^had the same deal worked out with another dealer. If you’re around TN, pounce on it.

DM me for dealer contact.

I had a dealer in the Bay area offer me a 0.00096 MF but everyone else has been marking it up

24 or 39. Not 36

Hmmm, I never looked at the xe. I ordered a limited (23). Came in in April and they started to renegotiate…I balked and and then offered to add my 1000 down deposit to the agreed first and dmv. All in all about 1800 down. But the payment was the best, 400 a month (36/10) the MSRP was 56k. Very pleased with my lease!

Was this with CCAP?

Im guessing they didn’t offer very much discount though?

It was on the Trailhawk. The discount was ok but not the nearly the good as the other trailhawk posted recently so I decided to pass

Yup, works out to be the best deal from my experience.

how can you have Incentives/Rebates: $13500

Crazy how they literally paid you to fly down to take the car…they REALLY wanted this one gone huh…