Signed - 2022 Chevrolet Camaro LT1 - $42,065 MSRP - $1238 DAS - $349/mo+tax

Region: SE
MSRP: $42,065 (A10, dual mode exhaust, tech, sunroof, red calipers, black wheels, RS)
Selling Price: $40,522.70
Monthly Payment: $349 plus 7% FL tax ($374).
Drive-Off Amount: $1,238
Months: 39
Annual Mileage: 10,000
MF: 0.00048
Residual: 62%
Incentives: $2250 (GM Supplier $750 and lease conquest/loyalty $1500)

This is basically the same GM Supplier deal that I and others received earlier this year on the LT1, but the MF and RV have degraded a bit, so the total cost has increased accordingly. But, this one was in Rapid Blue (which I rather liked), so went ahead anyway.



Congrats. Show us the real live pics.

I cant get to the dealer until Friday…signed on it last night to get on the Nov program.

My local dealer (where I got my first one) has an identical one inbound (nearly same MSRP too) and I told him a few weeks ago if you can do straight supplier, I’ll lock it up. (Basically your deal)

Called me back an hour later and said “no go” LoL

He said “what happened to the first one Tuna?” I said, I just like to have alittle variety with my Camaro’s lmao :joy:

They’re holding strong on these, but I feel their stock will drop as inventory increases and the winter months coming here in the northeast.


Yeah…getting straight supplier, no dealer fee, no add ons, and base MF is about as good as one can expect right now. A unicorn would be someone who could get real GMS (employee). My dealer drew the line there…no go :slight_smile:


Hell yeah!

Sweet ride! Congrats. I’m looking to order one for purchase but NJ dealers are asking over MSRP on orders which is nuts. I’ll bite on supplier pricing.

A friend of mine already named him, and the name has stuck.

Meet MuscleSmurf


Congrats !!! :fire: :fire: :fire:

Wow didn’t think I’d like that color so much. Better than a m4 in Smurf blue

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To be honest, it was the same on my end. I was kind of shocked when I saw it.

There was another LT1 getting ready to head out of the dealership (to another LHer😁) in another color which I also was blown away by…VIVID ORANGE. It has a crazy amount of metal flake in it that does not come through in the online photos.


Great color and spec. Congrats!

Awesome I’m getting the itch for another one myself since I can’t find an exotic at a price I want to pay…


I’d never financially recover from that


Probably more psychologically than financially.


Post a audio clip of the exhaust note

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Dibs once you’re ready to xfer it… I’m in Pa lol