Signed: 2021 Q5 Premium 55 TFSI e Plug-in hybrid MSRP:$56,615- 36/10k- $375/Mo+tax -$2000 Drive off

This is my first post ever here. I apologize in advance if its not correctly done. I went to Audi dealership and after sometime I ended up with this deal. Dont know if it was the best deal but it was within my budget. I also purchased the prepaid maintenance (oilChange) after 45$ (Not sure if I had to but oil change is expensive on those) Lease was done through audi financial services.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2021 Q5 Sline Premium 55 TFSI e Plug-in hybrid
MSRP: $ 56,615
Selling Price: 50280.00
Monthly Payment: $ 375+tax
Drive-Off Amount: $ 2000( included first month payment)
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10k
Residual: 30005.95
Incentives: 10553.70 (Rebates non Cash Credit)(Amount to be paid in Cash 2000 “this was the Drive off amount I paid” ) total of 12601.70
Region: so-cal
Leasehackr Score: 11.3 years
Leasehackr Calculator Link:

I hope his helps. if you guys see any information that I shouldn’t be sharing let me know
the 38 bux is the audi care and I get back the 800 at the end of the lease, since its 4 years. but the base of my lease is 375 + tax => 409 including taxes + 38 dollars Audi care


On the face seems good, post a picture of your contract (remove personal info) and can help with calc…

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Looks like a very solid deal. Do you by chance have a incentives break down? E should have $6712+$1250 Costco at least, what else are you qualified for?

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I added images of the both sticker and detail


Thank you , I adjusted it without audi care. before Audi care was 375 + tax => 409
Is it a good idea to get the Audi care? I still can cancel it I believe

Not sure if it’s still the case but AudiCare boosts residual by 1% so you are more like $390 pre-tax. So $20/mo extra. General consensus is that it’s a must for Audi leases. It’s not the absolute best value out there but for a very reasonable price you don’t need to worry anything maintenance related and they will be handled by Audi dealers with loaners provided etc.

Also I remember the base price for AudiCare on a Q5 is $999 but don’t quote me on that. Verify with other Audi experts here and tell your dealer if they can offer that price or you may cancel it as a whole.

Thank you for your reply.
they gave me basic care. Their plan is 4 years, and that is why you see little more extra money in there.
Since the lease term is 36 month, they said they will give me back some money for extra payments.
Audi Care Standard Cost: $1,199

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Isn’t the 10k service included, even if you don’t purchase Audi Care?

How much is it to just pay the 20k and 30k service out of pocket?

Even on a 36/12 lease you wouldn’t need the 40k service.


Why pay the 4th year when you are on a 3 year lease and counting on them refunding you the difference? How would they refund, is it in the contract? Although not much, you are paying tax and interest on that portion as well, are they refunding those? You are doing charity work with free loan plus interest

Just saying the website you cited here is from a dealership, not saying they necessarily wrong numbers but I won’t trust items shown on dealership website which I know could be marked up for profit.

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no more free service starting in 2020 I believe

Could be.

I keep reading blanket statements here “take the 1% residual bump and get Audi Care,” but I’ve always been interested in seeing the math.

I’m guessing that the value proposition isn’t exactly the same for every Audi.

Especially with the etron in the mix.


yah ,they no longer have any kind of free services. I thought it was the best option to just get it.

Depends on MSRP, basically paying $500-ish for 3 services with the 2nd being somewhat major requiring brake fluid flush if my memory serves me right. Not amazing value but not too shabby either.

I recall E-tron was the most no-brainer with $999 and raising residual by $700ish, then again not much work is relate with E-tron, basically the brake/battery coolant fluid flush other than “checks” that I have no idea if dealerships actually perform.


Thank you for sharing, this really helps alot.

may i ask which dealership this is in socal. I am also in socal. Thank you

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Can you please share the dealership contact details?

It’s a very nice deal.

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How about the wear and tear plus tires and wheel protection…I generally try to take that to avoid the hassle later and have mostly been able to get it for 1K or less with my 3 series, C class and Stelvio but for Q5, dealer’s fin guys are not willing to go down below 1700 which I feel is pretty steep… Thoughts?