Signed - 2021 Jeep Wrangler Sahara High Altitude 4xe - 36/10 - $65,160 - $11,888 One Pay

Region: SE
MSRP: $65,160 (MSRP at time of order was $63,140)
Selling Price: $56,826
Monthly Payment: $0
Drive-Off Amount: $11,888 (including 7% FL tax)
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10,000
MF: 0.00062 (after single pay discount, base was 0.00134)
Residual: 65%
Incentives: $7500

The single pay amount above includes Mopar tire and wheel coverage for the lease term. I lumped the costs for that into the dealer fees section. The registration fees are higher than they will be in reality (as I am reusing an existing registration which the dealer is transferring) so I should get a check back for ~$400 in a few weeks.

This Jeep was ordered on 6/26 and arrived at the dealer on 11/16.

Sold order protection paid off nicely on this order as I was locked into the old MSRP and RVs, was able to still garner affiliate, and the November MF was favorable.

The savings from the single pay was ~$2500, so well worth doing IMO.


At least you got some benefit for having to wait 5 mos. That is SO CHEAP. Congrats.


Wow sold order protection made this such a good deal. I’m about the same time frame and $100 a month more.

Annual mileage 1,000… A true mall crawler!

Smart alek😁. Typo corrected… But yeah, pretty much any HA is going to be a mallcrawler. I doubt this will ever even see a grassy parking lot, never mind a trail.


Fortunately I didn’t mind waiting on this one (and in the end it saved a pretty good amount) so it was worth being patient. Not that I had a choice!

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SOP is something I have been a broken record on (before it was terminated). With Jeeps record of MSRP changes it almost seems mandatory. In this case, it allowed an effective ~13% off MSRP. The RV reduction for November is just dumb (good) luck.


Great deal, congrats!

So now time to sell it?

This ones a keeper.


Effective $330 a month on a $63k Wrangler

Def a keeper (until LH brings us something else new)



Yeah…cant complain esp since I “splurged” for T&W coverage in there (and will also get registration $ back as well). Ill update on the actual effective monthly after all the dust settles, but Ill guess it will be ~$310ish. What would be have the cherry on top was if I could have gotten Bonusdrive for $250 as well, but the time between when my VIN was created (when you can submit for Bonusdrive) and when it was delivered was likely too far apart.

Always :slight_smile:

There is a serious shortage of pictures in this thread


Tomorrow…until then…


I live vicariously where I can

Went to Trader Joes for some
of this for Panda72 to nibble on when he gets home. The green stuff…not the white😁.

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What a home run you hit. I guess I hit a triple as I’m about $1,000 more on my one pay with slightly lower MSRP.

Really, really nice deal. Congrats.

Brokers are gonna hate you for this… now every newbie to LH is going to see this, not read the fine print and demand the same deal! :rofl:

Nice deal and nice ride!


If they actually read the fine print and want the same deal they will ask for something around $10,900, LOL.

But in seriousness, the only reason the numbers worked out this way was because the order was from June with a dealer doing SOP with a big original discount and a fortuitous MF change.