Signed: 2020 Porsche Cayenne $950/mo

Don’t see many Porsche leases on here for obvious reasons but wanted to add this data point.

Not my car personally but helped a close friend with this one, he had a Macan lease ending later in the year and used the Porsche pull ahead to get into this one. New baby, needed more room. Will actually be his wife’s car.

It’s a crap lease, yes, but a decent deal on a new non-loaner Cayenne.

2020 Porsche Cayenne SUV (base)
MSRP: $82,960
Monthly Payment: $950
Drive-Off Amount: $2950 (acq, fees, 1st. mo)
Months: 42
Annual Mileage: 10k
MF: .00200
Residual: 56%
Incentives: yea right
Region: North Carolina
Leasehackr Score: 7.1
Leasehackr Calculator Link: LH Calculator

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Incentives: you give us lots of money and you get to drive a Porsche


Congrats m8. Nice truck

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Does Porsche still do a ridiculous pull-ahead program?

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Congrats, sounds about right, I’m shopping for a cayenne and panamera as well, 10% off MSRP is the target. As you said it, it’s not hackable since they don’t give incentives anyways. But 10% is excellent for 2020 atm. Good job getting that discount btw, it’s not easy to get.

Congrats! Nice looking ride :+1:

Yes they do

1 year pull ahead. pretty nuts.

Wait, do they penalize mileage over your original term if you pull ahead at 24 months?

From my understanding they don’t

That’s pretty nifty I guess if someone leases Porsches over and over. Only risk is if they get rid of the program if someone drives 36k by 24 months hoping to pull ahead.

They used to hav 27 month specials so you could’ve lease it for a yr and 3 months.

With unlimited miles using pull ahead? Crafty me wants to know the limits of such a program.

they can take that anytime like what happened to BMW, it’s risky but it’s a risk that I’ll take. 30 cents per mile is worth it for any $100k Porsche’s anyway if ever i go over.

The Porsche pull ahead programs can vary but it’s not a blanket 12 months, depends on the year and model of your current lease.

Just from shopping experience the Atlanta dealers usually have up to date pull ahead specials posted, so I reference these frequently, here’s Hennessy:

Hennessy Porsche: Loyalty & Conquest Offers

Can you help me get a simillar deal ?

Wait…you aren’t @j_e_f_f’s close friend? Why would you list this topic in your profile then?

82k msrp base Cayenne for 959 a month is horrendous my friend. The base Cayenne is a dog.

Because he’s “car collecter”?

These forums should be about deals and cars…