Signed: 2020 Chevy Bolt LT, One-Pay, Effective Monthly: $0 with $1942 rebated :)

This deal may or may not be replicable but I hope it serves as a reference of what’s actually possible in the Bay Area.

After months of research and learning on Leasehackr and reddit, applying and waiting for a grant, negotiating with dealers, I finally picked up the Bolt last Sunday! It’s an amazingly fun and efficient electric car. Thank you for all the hackers and redditors who helped, and ofcourse God’s blessing on all the approvals!

Although many may not qualify for the low income grant/rebates, but please do note that I did not qualify for the $1500 additional Chevy Lease Loyalty and Conquest cash. So if you had any kind of current lease, this deal could’ve been even sweeter with another $1500 off at the dealer.

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2020 Chevy Bolt LT w/Fast Charging (No other option)
MSRP: $38245
Monthly Payment: $0
One-Pay Lease: $8358
Drive-Off Amount: $3358
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 10k
MF: 0.00001
Residual: 53%
Incentives: $5k dealer discount, $5750 Chevy Lease Cash, $1400 Bay Area Lease Cash, $5k CVAP low income grant
Post Sale Rebates: $2000 CVRP, $2500 CVRP Low Income, $800 PGE Utility rebate
Non-cash incentives: $1,000 EVgo prepaid charge card and L2 Portable Charger (CVAP Grant), 20,000 Chevy Reward Points (equivalent $100 in accessories), $100 dealer gift card (From a GM supplier friends code)
Region: NorCal (Bay Area)
Leasehackr Score: -62.1 years
Leasehackr Calculator Link:

Dealer Discount
$5000 off

Lease Incentives
$5750 Chevy lease cash
$1400 Bay Area lease incentive
= $7150

Grants & Rebates
$8358 One Pay Lease
-$5000 (CVAP Grant)
= $3358 (Total Due at Drive off)
-$2000 (CVRP)
-$2500(CVRP Low Income)
-$800 (PGE Rebate)
= -$1942


Incredible. Well freaking done, buddy!


Thank you!! It definitely wasn’t easy but I’m glad it’s done!

Sent you a DM for more info - awesome job!

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Amazing! Nicely done!

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I’m in MA and have the same deal on the table ($5K dealer discount which is a fight to get) plus other incentives you noted that apply here. Still pondering, do I want an EV in the northeast with winters, no heat pump, high electric prices (0.23 kWh) and reasonable gas price ($2.10/gal here) and higher insurance (+300 over new gas car)? I’m leaning not to get this.

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$7500 in low income grants save the day again.


Love it! Getting paid to drive a car!!!


I am looking for something similar near LAX.
Credit score 810.

Can someone help? I am new to this.

Thank you

Well this one actually breaks the calculator! Great job, between the incentives and charge card you’ll probably still come out making money on this after charging it for 3 years.


Is this deal replicable with a desirable car?

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This thread is about Bolts. If you don’t like the Bolt you can move along to other threads about whichever cars you find desirable, but there’s no place for your snark in this thread.


I’m looking to replicate something like this, as I qualify for the same grants/funding incentives. Did you have any trouble applying the CVAP grant to a one-pay? I’m hoping to accomplish similar numbers here in the Bay Area, although truth be told I’d go anywhere in CA for the right deal.

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Leasehackr Score: -62.1 years
Leasehackr Calculator Link:

Thanks! Not sure why it’s off by $71 ($1942 vs $2013) when I plugged in all the numbers but I guess it’s close enough. Probably an extra fee somewhere that I missed.

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No issues on one-pay with CVAP. It can be cash, lease, or finance.

The only thing is that the dealership will probably have you sign the deal then hold the car for a week until they receive the ACH grant payment from CVAP.

This deal might be replicable as we approach the end of the month. PM me if you need the dealership/salesperson info.

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PM’d you about a few questions

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He only likes cars with 4-star michelin ratings.


I think Ice Cube may accurately sum up this signing as follows.


Pass it on to me. I don’t mind driving a free bolt.

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Thank you! I sent you a PM.

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