Signed: 2020 BMW M340iX


Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2020 BMW M340iX
MSRP: $ 60,585
Monthly Payment: $ 538
Drive-Off Amount: $ 2,500
Annual Mileage:10k
Residual: Not sure what is was in Feb
Incentives: Loyalty ($2k) Lease cash (1k)
Leasehackr Score:
Leasehackr Calculator Link:

Nice! Enjoy.

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Nice what dealer

What was the pre-incentive sales price?

a little under 53k

So as a data point for others, about 12.5% pre-incentive at buy rate MF.

538 with tax?

yes, 538 included NY tax

Very Good deal, I’m got offer $695m with $5k down, 10k miles/36, gotta do more shopping, thanks for sharing your deal

I’m debating between a c43 (currently have a c450) and the M340i. I didn’t get a formal proposal yet from the dealer but they called me and said they can agree to $650 (NY Nanuet)
Msrp 67,430
MF .00118
RV 60%
3k incentives
DAS 4200 (taxes and fees)
I asked for the discount % pre incentives and they haven’t disclosed that information, they kept asking me for what’s my “magic number” to earn my business

Jokers… dealers should want to earn your business. You give them a monthly payment amount and they’ll just make it work out back office.

Nearly $800/ mo effective on an m340? Ouch.

Don’t wait for them to tell you what they want you to pay. Tell them what you want to pay and base it on adequate research to know it’s a reasonable offer.

I have a c43, paying $717 a month(paid taxes at signing), price is high and generally I don’t think Mercedes lease well, but the car is amazing. I do think it’s a more enjoying drive than a m340i, but just my opinion

I currently have a c43 sedan my lease is up in a few weeks. I love the car I love the way it drives and I love the presence it has on the road. I’m going to test drive the m340 some time this week. I was leaning towards the c43 coupe just so I feel like I got different car but I’ve heard the m340 is faster and handles better just doesn’t sound as good.

Thanks to 2 people above who responded I found a m340 at dealer that I like I’m keep ya posted on what numbers they give it’s 67k msrp fully loaded

On the c43 coupe the best deal I got was
71k msrp
10.5% off before incentives
10k off the car after incentives
Base MF .00089
10k miles
4K das (taxes and fees)
$625 for 48 months $679 for 36 months
If I was to add another $1500 to the das then my payments are 48 months $575 or $639 36 months. The numbers where a little off compared to the calculations, I told him I’m keep that offer on hold as I decide which car I want to go with. I’m leaning towards m340 only because they lease out better.

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What you guys think about this deal the car Msrp 67k 8.7% off before incentives
3k in incentives base MF .00118

8.7% off an m340i is meh. There are probably a few brokers in your area who have already posted much stronger deals.

Have you compared this to @nyclife’s deals?

I haven’t I didn’t even know about him, thank you I will message him thanks for that information

I know 10% off the msrp before incentives is the standard, I’m not sure if this changes anything but dealerships do make a big deal out of it. It’s not a car they have in inventory, it’s being located for me

This does not help your cause.