Signed: 🦄 2020 BMW 740i x-drive (contract attached)


Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2020 BMW 740i x-Drive
MSRP: $ 94960
Monthly Payment: $ 588
Drive-Off Amount: $ 786
Months: 36
Annual Mileage: 12,000
MF: 0.00129 (marked up by 0.0003) But after 7 MSD’s brought it down to 0.00094
Residual: 54 %
Incentives: $ 3000 (Loyalty) + $ 500 (OL Code)
Region: I am in NJ but dealer is out of state
Leasehackr Score: 14.1 years (not that it matters)
Leasehackr Calculator Link:

So finally hacked a Unicorn 2020 BMW 740i x-drive after learning a lot from fellow hackers and this forum. This is a very good discount for this vehicle considering the times we are in. I am in NJ but the deal was done from a dealer on the west coast. I was looking for a 7 series loaner since April and was looking for about 25 to 30 percent off. Unfortunately COVID hit and dealer discounts dropped and so did inventory levels. So this deal was not easy to do and is not replicable at this dealer (also they have no more 7 series loaners). I was working on about 8 740’s at the same time all over the country (Atlanta, Missouri, California, New Jersey, New York). Also I think I got this deal because I was shopping for the max discount and did not have any preference for interior or exterior color, packages or having to be under a certain mileage.

Deal info:
The pre-incentive discount is about 28.5 % off and then there was an OL code worth $ 500 applied to bring the price down to $ 67,428. I have looked at discussions here where the event codes from the western region were not being able to be applied to East Coast deals. But since my dealer was on the West Coast I was able to apply the code (even though I am in NJ). I also had PenFed worth $ 500 as my backup in case the OL did not work. Loyalty is $ 3000 on the vehicle which was applied against the inception fees and hence the low DAS number (which includes first payment and tax on cap cost reduction).

So a story about the money factor. I put my credit app on the last day of June for the MF of 0.00118 to lock the car and incentives. The dealer was aggressively discounting the vehicle, but they needed money in the finance office. So they wanted to mark up the money factor to the full extent which is 0.0004 (max allowed by BMW). But after going back and forth the sales manager dropped it to 0.0003 markup. However to my advantage the base MF dropped in July to 0.00099 and they were in no rush to move the unit. So used the reduced money factor from July with their 0.0003 markup for a final MF of 0.00129 and I brought it down to .00094 with max MSD’s. I was a bit hesitant to sign because the discount was great but the MF was marked up. However after reading posts here from @mllcb42 and quoting @Jon -“a great discount can justify a marked up MF. That’s why we look at the entire lease numbers and don’t focus on just 1 part of it”. But I still had to consult the BMW expert @HN308. He hacked a 7 series last year as a personal vehicle and after having a detailed conversation with him about the marked up MF, I felt confident to proceed with my deal.

I received quoted all the way from $ 550 to $ 1300 for cross country shipping. The $ 550 quote had very bad reviews. The reputed ones were from $ 750 to $ 1300. The dealer had their recommended shipping partner which they use all the time and their price was $ 850 door to door. So for the peace of mind I went with that shipper and car was delivered in perfect condition. That charge is not included in the monthly above and I paid it separate.

Final word:
Car is in excellent shape and drives really nice. It is long and wide for sure, but I was driving a Cadillac CT-6 before this and this is only a few inches long so I am ok with that size. Also the car was sanitized and detailed at the dealer before shipping so that was great too. Please let me know if I can be of any other help to anyone here.


29% off msrp? Nice deal!

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Solid discount!

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WOW… what a unicorn deal.

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Covid or not, this is a fantastic deal. Enjoy the car in good health!

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Great deal !

Question. Why couldn’t you apply the PenFed rebate in addition to the OL code, or was the dealer not willing to accept the PenFed rebate? They should’ve been both stackable?


Congratulations on this car. What a beauty! That interior is LUSH. Drive safe and have fun. Great work.


That’s the key right there


Great job finding and negotiating the deal.
To anyone looking to hack a deal, follow the script from 1st post and be flexible with colors and options if it works for you. It takes time but you sure can find a great deal.

Really nice car, the value you get in luxury with a 7 series loaner is very hard to match across the board especially with close to 30% discount before applying incentives.

Now all brokers will get messages to match this deal which I can safely say is not going to be possible in most cases.



amazing deal enjoy it

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Insane deal. I can’t envision any dealer agreeing to that large of a discount. I don’t understand what was going on in their head. Anyone have some insight?

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Nicely done. Awesome deal. Beautiful car. Enjoy it :slight_smile:

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Nice to see someone hack these 2020’s at around where the 2019’s were going 1-2 years ago.

Great job OP.

Curious if any of the other demo’s were M-Sports?

Asking for friend…

Also don’t sweat the MF bump up at all. It doesn’t matter how they make the sausage as long as you get it at the price per pound you are wanting to pay.


How did you figure out which dealers had the demo 7s for sale?

Unicorns are immune to COVID-19. Well done.


I thought they’d gone extinct during Covid.


I’m pretty sure it’s this car Great 7 series lease deal


What you meant to say was…

I opened this post with timid trepidation and realized that this intrepid road warrior had mastered the art of war, as explained by Sun Tzu…
[10 minutes and 4 thousand words later ]
… Well done…

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Nope. I said what I wanted to say. @vhooloo Know your audience.

I am surprised your response wasn’t:
“Reading BAD. Too much scrolling, wrist hurts. Unicorn. 1 word.”

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Congrats on your deal @love2lease
To anyone looking to hack a similar deal on a 7 series, here is some advice after reading this post:

  • It takes time to find the “right” car on a dealer’s lot.
  • It takes determination to be able to haggle with a dealer after you find the right car.
  • Make sure you know your numbers such as residual value (RV), money factor (MF) and incentives you qualify for.
  • In OP’s case, that $3k in BMW loyalty helped with the deal.

Can’t wait to see the next 7 series “unicorn” deal.