Signed! 2019 Subaru Ascent Touring $455/m $1295 drive off



Hackers plz let me know how well I did.

2019 Subaru Ascent Touring trim

Monthly: $455 + tax
MSRP $46,618
Selling Price: $40,987
Drive-offs: $1295
12/36 lease
MF: .0008
Residual: 58%
LH Score: 8.3

Leased from Serramonte Subaru in Northern CA (near SF)

Didn’t have Subaru VIP program or any other specials.


I would say you did great, given that the Ascent is not leasing particularly well.

Were there any other incentives you had? Loyalty, Ambassador Coupon, etc.?


Nope didn’t have any incentives, coupons or promos. No other dealer in the bay area would match and this was their internet guys first and best offer. He played some MF games at first but once we squared that away they were super easy to work with.


There are certainly other comparable SUVs you might have done better on, but if this is what you wanted, you got probably as good as it gets.


Yeah it checked all of our boxes…wife liked it and it could tow 5k lbs :slight_smile: Thanks


Don’t know what it is about Ascent, but my wife also liked it. :slight_smile:


My wife loves it. But she knows me and therefore knows not to get too attached to a vehicle that might not lease well…


I would buy it, if leases don’t get better by the end of the year. Or will switch her to XC60/XC90 lease.


That’s probably the best deal I have seen on one of these. We have just under a year left on our 17 forester limited and my wife is bugging me to trade it and get her an Ascent. I’m in an Ascent loaner now while the forester is at the dealer and I love the ride and comfort. Will definitely be our next car and hope the deals get better. Our area is not very competitive.


That’s only a couple hundred more than VIP anyway, right? Seems like a good deal to me.

I do have VIP and have been considering the new Forester, but the Ascent looks really nice and has some features not offered in the Forester (like ventilated seats that I’ve always coveted).


I think the engine alone is worth it. The NA Subaru motors are weak and can get annoying when pushed


Its actually much better then VIP. VIP program from Subaru is 2% under invoice. The sell price i got was ~6% below invoice.


Serramonte is a solid place for a deal in NorCal. Thats where I got my wife’s 2018 Outback Limited for $294/month with 0 down. Go through the internet manager though.


2.5 limited for 294?



what was the MSRP and can you post your print out or lease signed deal?



nice it seems norcal gets all the Subaru deals


Do you know if MF the same for Limited trim and if it varies across the Bay Area?


Different MF for different trims so check/ask in Edmunds forums. MF is the same for the entire bay area.


Thanks for the info - we are now also getting the Touring :smiley: