[Signed] 2019 Range Rover Velar P250 R-Dynamic SE Demo

Thought I would share the deal I got on my new Velar! I know it’s not exactly a 1% deal but sadly with the residual drop the deals aren’t so great this month. Super happy with it though as it had exactly everything I wanted in the Velar. White with the 21" black rims, drive pack, perforated leather interior, black optics package, etc.

I learned so much on this site and I figured I would celebrate my little deal by posting on here. Two months ago I would’ve likely walked into a dealership and taken whatever deal they offered me. Not today!

Highly recommend the dealership I worked with (LR Darien in CT) if you’re in the tri-state area. I emailed them two days ago and we managed to finalize the entire deal yesterday, and I picked up my car today. Super easy. And the saleswoman, Elise, was an absolute pleasure to work with. Anyway, here’s the deal info and a quick picture!

2019 Range Rover Velar P250 R-Dynamic

**MSRP: $68,040
**Selling Price: $60,901
**Monthly Payment: $692.70 (including tax)
**Cash Due at Signing: $3,500
**Incentives: 2k spring rebate, 1k PIN offer from JLR

**Months: 36 months
**Annual Mileage:10,000


Do you know the breakdown of the drive off amount? There has to be some cap reduction in there. Seems too high.

Taxes were 2153, the 895 bank fee, plus the first month payment of 693? I know it’s better to roll everything in but I really wanted a lower payment monthly.

ah did you have to pay all the taxes up front? That makes sense.

What was the pin?

Discount through USEF!

Haha yeah! I didn’t have to pay all the taxes but I did it to lower my payments a bit

Wow that’s surprising. Your dealership screwed up (they shouldn’t be stack-able). Awesome deal!

My first post here. You guys are awesome !

So finally found the car I was looking for and now don’t know if the deal I’m getting is good enough. Also, this is my first time leasing so I could really use your help

2019 Range Rover Velar P250 R-Dynamic

**MSRP: $63,338
**Selling Price: $60,901 ( dealer says this is the invoice price and can’t get any lower than this on this model)
**Monthly Payment: $780 (including tax based on tire 2 credit)
**Cash Due at Signing: $4000 ( dealer says this includes the spring rebate)

**Months: 36 months
**Annual Mileage:10,000

Dealer in Southern California.


Would really appreciate opinions and input. This is my dream car and I really want it !

Lol Penske would pull that shit.

Good deal on socal is 4/5k discount + 2k rebate. Shoot me a PM I work for a dealer in socal. I’ll ANIHILATE that deal.

And that may be invoice but there’s quite a bit of holdback on the Velar.


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I am registered as a business

I’m confused.

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Really good deal! They most likely sold it as a loaner (even if brand new) so you could take advantage of the big discount.

Thank you! And thank you for all your help and dealing with me messaging you nonstop haha. Hope we get to work together on mine or my husband’s next deal!

Totally my pleasure!

I got mine(2018 d180 s) last year i believe in october.
Msrp 64,5xx for 3k DAS, $620 per month including 9.5% tax. Maybe dealer wanted tp get rid of 2018 stock especially the very last diesel model.

Hey all! First post after doing lots of research here and wanted to get the insight on a lease. I’ve began initial negotiations and have managed to secure an .00044 MF, 54% RV for 36/15 on the following vehicle, only problem is the dealer is not willing to come down off the MSRP by much (so far willing to discount 2k). We went back and forth and I pretty much said with the poor residual that the discount would need to be closer to 10% for the deal to be mutually beneficial, he (the GM) stated 10% is not possible as they are “hot vehicles”. Any advise on how to get this MSRP lower? https://www.landroverelpasotx.com/new/Land%20Rover/2019-Land+Rover-Range+Rover+Velar-for-sale-in-el-paso-tx-f6a04c0f0a0e0ae7230e7abb27c074bc.htm