SIGNED 2019 Honda Accord 1.5 Sport $274 Tax Inluded 0 Drive Off

Added another lease to my collection. My 3rd lease this year. I was not in the market but sales person caught me at the right time and made me an offer I could not resist. Same deal is available if anyone is interested.20190804_075753

Year, Make, Model, and Trim: 2019 Honda Accord Sport
MSRP: $27100
Monthly Payment: $274 tax included 7.75%
Drive-Off Amount: $0
Annual Mileage:12000
Incentives:$750 Loyalty $750 Honda Cash
Region:South Cali
Lease hacker score: 9.5


Is this near LA? I have a buddy there looking for a 1.5 Sport. He doesn’t have loyalty and prob has a higher tax rate than yours since he’s in LA

Yes dealer is in located in orange county.


Good deal. Enjoy your ride… It’s a great car.

Nice deal.

Quick question - what exactly is the $750 Honda Cash. And are there any eligibility requirements for it? Thanks

Its what honda is offering on new Honda accord lease or purchase. It’s all up to dealer if they want to offer it. The also have 750 in honda loyalty it you have honda in household

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Nice deal. I am interested in replicating but need to transfer my current lease first.

I wish Honda allowed lease transfers… I’m in a 2018 Civic LX at $240/mo ($0 DAS, which I thought wasn’t bad), but I’d definitely pay $30/mo more for the Accord Sport.

You’re probably not far from break even or even positive equity with their super low RV

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I was thinking that actually, have had it since December and am right around 5k miles on it. Just does not get driven much.

EDIT: Just checked Vroom, and they’re offering $15k with a payoff of $16.8k. Lame.

Is 10k miles per year available in LA? Bc I know it’s generally not available from Honda (although it is available in the NYC region)

I know it wasn’t in Orange County as of December. I haven’t heard that that’s changed or is different for LA county.

Hello, I’m new to the site and need some assistance. I just left the Honda dealership trying to get that deal or something closer but I was quoted $1700 down, 12000/36 miles per year, and a $280 monthly payment. Im not sure about the loyalty money or anything else. I live in Delaware

You need to negotiate more. This is just an example of what someone got with negotiations, it isn’t a listed lease deal that you can just waltz into the dealership and expect them to submit to it.

Mind to share the selling price?

@ZestJDM He did, Leasehackr Calculator — LEASEHACKR

Have a Honda in the household meaning? My fiance has a 2010 Honda Civic Coupe. Would that make me qualify?

Yes that would

I got the same car, same details except I paid $2500 down and 191.64/month tax inc.

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Thanks to OP @TopGun got my uncle the same deal! :+1:t4:Few $ more due to LA county tax.

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