SIGNED 2019 GMC Terrain SLT - Michigan $262/mo $262DAS 36/12k



2019 GMC Terrain SLT FWD…not leasing for anywhere close to as good as last March, but after attempting to hack this specific vehicle for 5 weeks this was the absolute best I could do and my fiancee was ready to go sign at MSRP by herself if I held out any longer. Deal was worked out a couple weeks ago but we signed last night; there were no change in regional incentives from February. Was hoping for Asian conquest or a loyalty rebate bump but got neither. Here’s all the info:

**MSRP: $32,295
**Selling Price: $29,925 (excluding the $2000 dealer cash applied as down payment, see below)
**Monthly Payment: $262
**Cash Due at Signing: $262
$3500 total: $1000 GMF CCR, $750 Market CCR, $750 GMS/Supplier CCR, $500 Market CCR, $500 GM lease loyalty (would have been $1500 with conquest - reducing pmt by ~$30/mo, unicorn territory!!!)
$2000 dealer cash (applied/taxed as down payment)
**Annual Mileage:12,000
**MF: 0.00073
**Residual: 0.57 ($18,408)
**Adjusted Cap Cost: $26,142
**Plate/Registration: $207 (I needed new plates, which added about $6/mo to the lease cost versus transferring existing plates)
**Acq Fee: $650
**Doc Fee: $220
**Taxes on rebate/dealer cash: $330 (6% of $5500)
**$299 dealer mandated TheftGuard BS…I walked out over it a couple weeks ago, she didn’t even bother to call or email me back, so let’s just consider it their non-negotiable dealer fee for this great deal.
EVERYTHING rolled in to payment since MF was so low.
**GMS (Employee) Code that I was able to secure at the last minute - deal would have been about $25/mo higher without it.

**Region: Michigan
**Leasehackr Score: 10.3 years

Approximate calculator link, cannot get to match exactly due to not enough inputs but it’s close:

36mo/10k would have been $252/mo $252 DAS, since most people on here seem to post 10k deals.

I contacted every dealer in SE Michigan and nobody would touch these numbers. Even on the very last day of February. I had several sales managers tell me that the deal was too good to be true, against GM rules, dealer was playing tricks etc. But it was legit and is replicable. Please PM me for dealer info only if you are a Michigan resident, they do not do out of state deals. I dealt directly with the internet sales manager, and every quote that I requested from her on various vehicles was no BS rock bottom no negotiation and untouchable by anyone else. She kind of took the fun out of it, but I’m thrilled to have a good sales contact for the future that will give me the ‘best’ deal with almost no effort on my end. I was in contact with some truly awful dealers and awful people that tried to pull some crap on me - so her transparency, integrity and best pricing up front were awesome to have. Reminded me a lot of a Michigan version of our @chevysalesgirl :rofl:

Extraneous info:
Originally we were hunting SLE FWD’s due to higher incentive ($4750 vs $3500), but my fiancee really preferred the features of the SLT (remote start, power driver seat, heated seats, leather, bigger audio screen, ambient lighting, etc). SLT FWD with no options is the best lease value in the Terrain lineup IMO - but they’re real hard to find without a bunch of stupid options.

A word about DEMOS:
I hit up every dealer with a demo in the entire state, but no one could match this monthly on an SLT AWD or FWD demo in the $33k-$37k range let alone make up for the mileage already on the demo. No one wanted to budge below 10-12% off on demos…except for this dealer. After this experience I believe that GM demos are a total waste of time to go after, at least in Michigan. Anyway, this dealer had some SLE FWD demos in stock, MSRP $29,490 at 16% off, but fiancee really wanted the SLT features and we would’ve had to do 15k/yr on the demo which would have taken us out of B2B warranty and risked tire/brake replacement. Monthly on the SLE FWD $29,490 demos would have been:

24/10: $214/mo 214DAS
24/12: $226/mo 216DAS
24/15: $239/mo 239DAS
36/10: $200/mo 200DAS
36/12: $209/mo 209DAS
36/15: $225/mo 225DAS

But she wanted the SLT at more $$$$ - women want what they want :laughing:

*****Personal Caveat: Numbers above exclude $2304 negative that we rolled in from her current over mile lease. Including the negative, our deal was $331.50/mo $331.50 DAS. I excluded this because it’s not relevant or helpful to anyone but us to factor this in and skews the deal info like a positive equity trade-in would skew it.

Also, shout out to @Benedetto for a brief but super helpful phone call confirming that I was getting a solid deal and not missing anything on my end. Ben, I was able to get a GMS code last night. Don’t ask me how :grin: Also, the dealer that you recommended was indeed aggressive but did not have any of this trim in stock so they couldn’t even come close on higher MSRP AWD units. Thanks again for your help.


Congrats as u mentioned i just checked the rebates on the Terrain for my zip code and there isn’t as much meat on the bone like last year this time.


Nice job @chrishs2000 I was going to hack this same exact car this month but just pulled the trigger on a bmw 3 series loaner last month.

Did you look at the Black Edition? I had my eyes set on a SLE AWD with the Convenience and Black edition. I think msrp was around $33-35k depending on what packages it had.

Looks sexy in Black with Black edition package

Question: why didn’t you go with the 24 month program?


Thanks man!!! Unfortunately she was basicaly locked into a GM product due to being over miles on her Silverado lease we turned in (GM lease loyalty covers 2000 miles over). Black edition is indeed sweet but it’s her car, she didn’t even care about the 2.0T when we test drove lol so she’s happy with the small engine. I have the gloss black rims on my Accord Sport 2.0T.

Check the sheet I posted. 24mo is only a good deal on SLE trim (+5-6% RV). On base FWD SLE the 24mo is actually only a couple bucks more than 36mo. On SLT though the RV is only +2-3% higher. Plus we had the $2304 negative rolling in - we wanted to spread it out over a longer term with low MF trim so we’d be able to still potentially swap it later on without a big incentive.


Good stuff. You shoulda been able to use your Accord as conquest if that would’ve helped.

I’m on my third Equinox lease. These Equinox/Terrain deals are great.

I have to admit, the Equinox/Terrains with Convenience Package has a lot of goodies/tech more expensive cars don’t have , like CarPlay, rear traffic alert, parktronic sensors, power rear lift gate and LED’s lights .

Note: my 2018 330xi doesn’t have CarPlay :expressionless:


I wish but my Accord is purchased. In this family we buy Honda and lease GM :rofl:

The tech is nice and I’m REALLY impressed by the Terrain interior and fit/finish but they really lack active safety features standard. A base Civic has all that stuff standard that requires $5k options on a Equinox/Terrain!


Also don’t forget the driver Confidence and Convenience package also adds remote start.


And then i got a check engine light at 3k miles on my SLE…never had an issue in any car so fast. New or used.


Yes - this is why we only lease GM products :rofl: what was the issue?

I have read some bad things online regarding reliability of the 1.5T engine. But GMC dealers give out loaners, so free car for a couple weeks if the engine blows haha.


No idea on the light. Just got it yesterday. I do push it hard and drive it like a v6 if you can imagine that. Dont care about gas economy…it was all about the lease deal. …but i certainly dont expect any engine to have issues at 3k miles. In 2019 at least.

Any advice on pushing the service reps for a decent loaner upgrade with “padding” the handshake or without is appreciated. Only dealt with BMW in the past.


Nice deal. My wife is looking for something similar in SE MI. I sent you a PM if you send me the dealer. Thanks!


Any car can have an issue at 3k. This isn’t relegated to GM. These are all mechanical components which can break. It’s unfortunate, but these things happen across all brands. Luckily, that’s what a warranty is for.

It could be nothing more than a bad sensor. I wouldn’t be concerned the engine is dying already.


Where did you find the info for the GMS/Supplier 750 CCR? Just found out today that the wife should qualify for employee pricing from the 8 years she put in back in the 2000s.


Nice man. I got a SLE fwd last March and have enjoyed it way more than I thought I would. If deals are as sweet at my lease end next year I would really consider leasing again except in SLT trim this time around.


This sounds too good to be true. Im new to this forum. In SE Michigan looking to get out of my current GM lease. 6mths to go on lease, but not finding and good deals to keep me in my price range of under $300. Would love this dealers info.


Yeah it’s a shockingly good vehicle (for GM), I’ve been impressed.

I wouldn’t hold your breath for last March deals…residuals are lower, MF is higher, and incentives are half of what they were. And it’s been that way for months :sweat: