Signed: 2019 Ford Fusion Energi Titanium (NY)

Apologies as I really couldn’t get the calculator just right so it’s just outlined below. I should add I was never looking at this car, but for the pricing, it was simply too good to pass up. After leasing 4 Altimas it was time for a change and this car really surprised me. It’s a very nice product.

2019 Ford Fusion Energi Titanium (Moonroof included)
**MSRP: $37,922.00
**Selling Price: $35257.91 (BJ’s X-Plan Pricing)
**Monthly Payment: $244.82
**Cash Due at Signing: $413.47
**Annual Mileage:10,500
**MF: .000145
**Residual: 38.7% or $14,700.30

**Leasehackr Score:13.8 (approximately)

Total 3 year cost: $8,982.17

I learned a tremendous amount from this forum and exchanged messages with very friendly and helpful people. Thank you.


Nice deal. What’s the incentive makeup? Is there something in there from your x-plan? If not seems like you may have been able to negotiate a larger dealer discount.

The sale price is fixed as part of the BJs program and couldn’t be changed whatsoever. I did bring it up and was told unable to change that number. Maybe someone will say they can…I was told no and was fine with the overall pricing. $3500 was conquest, $1000 was BJs lease cash, $1100 was NY State drive clean and I didn’t note down the description of the other 2 line items. $4007 (Ford program # 50472) and $5,000 (Ford program # 91352) respectively. Hope that answered your questions. Thank you.

Sounds like a great deal. Nice one!

For the moment I was like: 7% discount on a sedan no one wants and is about to get cancelled made it to leasehackr? Than I saw the final cost over 3 years, plug in etc. At $250/mo that is a hell of a deal if the car suits you. I drove for 3 days a 2018 Platinum a year ago and the only thing that stunned me was the quality of the leather in that trim, driving experience wasn’t anywhere close to what I would expect. But if I was offered it a price of a Jetta as you got it who knows…

The interior is really top notch. I would say the car drives very good. It’s not great. However the plug in and no gas usage given my driving habits and cheap power in my village. At this price there was no other option in my view. I don’t need a BMW to feel important. Those days are over. Lol


I would consider this if I lived in NY. No rebates in NJ :frowning:

As a fan of EVs , and plug-in hybrids, I also find this to be a very key point! The total cost of a vehicle is comprised of a number of inputs, not just the lease payment.


You are so right. All combined the so called leasrhckr score for my purposes is even higher. I will easily go perhaps 60 days or more without gas fill up. Inclusive my train station has commuter spots with free charging ok my daily commute to work, so 0 cost to charge. This is easily the best transaction I’ve done, with the exception of that Ukrainian girl. But that’s neither here nor there. Lol kidding!


care to share the dealer info? this is attractive!

I tried to google the 2 program numbers to see if I would qualify but nothing came up. I am not a BJ’s member and wonder if I can sign up to get the x-plan and additional discount.

Same for me…google didn’t come up with anything. With respect to BJs, you can sign and there is no wait period. So just sign up and send dealer your card #…they fill out the form for you selecting themselves as the preferred dealer. You get a pin # and code (just for verification) and that’s it. I had an expired membership I simply renewed…no problem same day renewing and signing up.

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Thank you… Can you share dealer info?

That should go to the trophy garage!


Thanks @DKNYL !!! I just check with two local LI dealers. Both confirmed all incentives mentioned above.

For you my friend… Anything. Let me know about the Ukrainian I’ll give you a coupon code lol

I really want an SUV and had no intention of getting another car. But, these numbers are really enticing. My primary motivation for getting another vehicle now is my commute has gotten longer and my truck is killing me in fuel and maintenance costs, and it’s getting to where if I keep putting this kind of mileage on it it’ll be ready for major maintenance items much sooner than I planned.

They just installed chargers at my office that I can use for free, so I could theoretically cover more than half the payment in just fuel savings.

The only thing keeping me from pulling the trigger here in CT (well, other than driving one first) is that I really need the $3500 trade-in/conquest bonus for the numbers to work. Otherwise I’m looking at $10k between lease cash and BJ’s, and that doesn’t net an overall payment low enough to jump on.


I am in the same boat. I don’t have a vehicle to trade in or a lease that is ending. Looks like I will have to pass on this one. An additional incentive for me is that this vehicle would qualify for the reduced toll rate through the Port Authority during off peak hours. It would save me an extra $3.50 a day in tolls.

And HOV lane is also a nice bonus

I drive from Stamford to The Bronx 5-6 days a week. I don’t like pumping $60 of PUG into my 2015 Infiniti Q40 to the tune of 18-19 mpg combined, but it is FUN to drive!