Signed: 2019 Cadillac Escalade Luxury 4x4, 24/10, $0 DAS, $769 w/tax

2019 Cadillac Escalade Luxury 4x4, 24/10, $0 DAS, $769 w/tax

Year, Make,Model, and Trim:
2019 Cadillac Escalade Luxury 4x4

MSRP: $86,353
Selling Price: $78,353 (9.26% off)
Monthly Payment: $769
Cash Due at Signing: $0
MSD: 0
Incentives: $1,000 Loyalty + 10,000 Dealer Conditional

Rolled into lease:
Negative Equity in Trade: $2,676
Acquisition: $650
Dealer Fees: $689
Government Fees: $193
Tax: 7%

Months: 24
Annual Mileage: 10,000
MF: .00007
Residual: 64%

Region: Georgia
Leasehackr Score: 10.2

Additional Deal Notes: (not sure if I can add all this to the calc)
Costco Executive: $700 (added into calculator)
Dealer makes first payemnt, so I am responsible for 23 more payments of $769.
Dealer fees of 689 includes 595 disposition so don’t have to pay that at the end of the lease.
Also, dealer is giving me use of an ESV for two trips per year. I know this is hard to “enforce,” but the dealership manager wrote it up for me, and the first one is a 1000+ mile trip over Thanksgiving 2019. If this holds up, its essentially an extra 2K miles per year on the lease, and getting the use of a larger vehicle when I need it.

Effective Payment:
((769*23)-700)/24 = $707.79/month

Cadillac Escalade Luxury 4x4 Leasehacker Calc

I want to thank everyone here for their advice and feedback on this deal. The community gave me a ton of confidence in negotiating, when to keep pushing and when to take the deal. This deal really came out of nowhere and the dealer approached me with it. I am sure they are making a good chunk of money on this or they wouldn’t have done it (and called me), but an Escalade for ~$700/month all in seemed like a great buy, so I went for it. Thanks!


Pictures would be nice. So without negative equity this would be 650 or less? Great deal. How did dealer approach you?


Amazing deal


Glad to see someone take advantage of this escalade loyalty rebate. $10K incentive on a lease is nuts.


You got a fantastic deal and should be very proud of this!! Enjoy the ride :grinning:

Happy to help, you did the work by being an informed consumer and not giving up to make what was a good deal at first a GREAT deal in the end :slight_smile:



Here are some pics! You can see the 2016 that we turned in, in the background.

Yeah, without the neg equity, it would be lower, but I’m not sure I would have gotten the deal with lower neg equity. I’m not sure how, but I’m guessing that the dealer is keeping some/all of the pull ahead money in order for this to work for them. Even so, with $0 out of pocket, it was like a straight trade, 2016 for 2019, 2x4 for 4x4, and they put an extra $180/mo in my pocket, so it’s a win/win in my book.


Amazing deal Do you know if they have others left with similar incentives (mostly that near zero MF)?

I think the MF jumped up in Nov to .00024, so still pretty low, but about triple what it was in Oct. I haven’t seen the 10K incentive that I got advertised on a lease anywhere, so not sure if this was a one-off thing or if they could replicate. Happy to reach out to the dealer and see if anyone is serious about potentially purchasing.

Nice deal. But what happens to $595 if you decide to lease another Cadillac? Why pre-paying it?

I guess I still have lots to learn - I thought disposition was something you paid no matter what? Didn’t realize that you didn’t pay that if you lease another from the same brand. They just presented that as a dealer fee, and I asked what was included.

I think perhaps OP is confusing the Acquisition fee with the Disposition fee? One thing that confuses me about the deal here was that it sounded like OP was offered pull ahead, yet somehow ended up saying that he rolled in negative on the deal. I guess the contract would reveal the details, but maybe the pull ahead didn’t stack with a better incentive or something like that? Regardless it’s a great deal.

He said disposition, and acquisition was listed separately. Maybe something i just messed up. Live and learn!

I talked with the dealer and he said he could come close to doing something similar for anyone that currently has a 2015 - 2017 Escalade in case anyone is interested.

re: stacking pull ahead and other incentives stacking - that’s exactly what the dealer told me… that I couldn’t have both. Agreed, though, that at the end of the day, I got a good deal and am paying less per month than I was paying for a newer, better vehicle.

In that case maybe that was the Disposition fee on your 2016 that you paid to the dealer? The details here are a little funky, but it sounds like they made it all work.

Should’ve been waived then?

That’s true if properly grounded, unless they stopped doing that. The contract would be the only way to really understand what went where.

Cadillac offers buses as loaners…icing on the cake

Great deal on a beautiful ride!

Can only get close on the luxury trim, stinks because I like the features on the premium better.

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You can PM the OP yourself.

This isn’t a rocket science magical deal. You need Escalade loyalty and 9.26% off with base MF. Do your own work!

You can PM one of us the contract if you want us to take a look.

I am certain though that the acq fee was rolled, not dispo. Your prior lease dispo would have been waived by GMF, and AFAIK it’s not even possible to roll a dispo fee in.


@mindscape9 I checked the contract you sent. Hope that you don’t mind me posting this snip, if you do, I will delete it. Here is where the demons always lie - section 12 itemization of gross capitalized cost.;

The trade is reflected correctly! Just for others, ALWAYS make sure that there’s a number in here otherwise the dealer is lying about rolling the trade in and you will get a bill in the mail from GMF.

The selling price is actually $78,262

I don’t see anything nefarious in here. Dispo fee is definitely not rolled in or included anywhere. As you can see the acquisition fee is rolled into the cap cost. The dealer fee is $689 as you said which is very high, but if that’s the fee in your market (seems to be the norm for GA), it is what it is.

GREAT deal and clean contract!

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