SIGNED: 2019 Audi E-Tron Prestige (with pics)

Got it yesterday.


Edit: MSRP was $83,010

24 months was cheaper correct? I’m assuming audicare was pretty much a wash at that MSRP. Curious what your thinking was as I see people going both ways with audiCare on the etron. Normally it’s would be a no brained but doesn’t seem to be any maintenance.

Lol!! Did I just pay for something I’m not gonna use??

I’m so used to gas cars. I was thinking oil changes :man_facepalming:t2:

Don’t even know what the etron will need for maintenance.

Based on the other etron deals I have been reading about, this seems quite high as face value, although I haven’t dug in and done an Msrp comparison etc

No worries. Without AudiCare they already found a way to make money. See below.

I guess without AudiCare each visit will cost at least $200.

I wouldn’t worry about it since you get $840 residual bump. Probably worth the $150 out of pocket.


I think it’s got to do with loyalty and Costco. If you don’t have both…ur a SOL

Congrat! Nice car.

PSA: don’t park near shopping carts or let any near you lol :grin:

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I think he got to the bone on this one (look at the selling price). Those other deals were premium plus with a slightly higher residual and much lower MSRPs. Not to mention 7.5k vs OPs 12k.

Loyalty and MSDs would have made it better.

Great deal! No loyalty used? Did you get it in a dealership up in NorCal? Give us more details on how you got this deal!

35k total lease cost is too much for an etron. A used 2019 one will go for that much next year. DM me the dealer so I can avoid it.


What kind of question is this?

I think he’s just asking if Loyalty was one of the incentives that was applied to this deal.

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The dealer played ball. He just didn’t have loyalty and didn’t do 24 months.

Doubt it, and certainly not a Prestige.

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Considering I’ve seen used 2019 P+ listed at $52k, I don’t think $35k next year is infeasible.

Used cars usually don’t drop that much in one year, let alone in a strong sellers market.

And P+ != Prestige.

Usually don’t, you’re right, but we know that varies widely by vehicle and supply/demand.

Well aware of the difference, was just giving an example as vhooloo didn’t specify either trim.

How about we mark this. And if in July 2021, we don’t find an Etron prestige retailing for 35k, I make another donation. If we do, your treat.


Do not forget. This is a 200 mile range electric. It will drop like a rock. I bought a 38k msrp bolt and sold it for 23k 6 months later. We talking 2019 etron. That car will be 3 years old next year.