Show Us Your Rental Car

Thats not a rental ! or is it a turo ?


Not Turo, a local exotic car rental.
M3 and GTR are the cheapest cars in their inventory :slight_smile:

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What kind of wizards does Hyundai have building their gas engines?

Wrecked my 20 MPG Pathfinder last week and got what I think is a 2021 Elantra as a rental. Aside from a really cheap interior since it’s the base model, I’m very impressed with this thing considering the price (actual price before markups, which it seems my local dealers are still charging on these). It moves when I step on the gas, which I didn’t expect with this kind of gas mileage.

I was also extremely impressed with Kia K5 we rented last year for a road trip. Descent interior space. Comfortable for a family or 4 and all our luggage and easily was averaging 40 mpg, one stint we got 48mpg over 100 mile leg of the trip.

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Booked direct with Avis using Costco discount: cheaper than Autoslash and Costco Travel, a week was the same price as 2 days. Having my Wizard number on the reservation made pickup from a local hotel (who wants to add airport taxes when you didn’t fly-in?) super easy, even for the new trainee. CRV was also 2 class upgrades from what my cheap self paid for.

I needed an extra whip this week while a great rearranging takes place. This CRV seems to only want to drive to the grocery store and child sporting events.


What is the Costco Avis discount code for when you don’t book through Costco? Is it better than the 30% off the base rate codes?

I use A108326 - it used to be on → Rental Cars → Avis (along with a couple coupon codes), but I don’t see them listed anymore.

It asks for my Costco number and I fill it in. Not sure exact % but Avis Base Rate > Avis Booked on Costco Travel > Avis booked on using Costco code and post-paid > Avis booked using using Costco code and pre-paid


Outstanding. Thanks!

Got a 4Runner TRD Offroad from the Hertz President’s Circle aisle recently. I really don’t understand why people buy these for 100% on road driving but it was comfortable enough I guess.


The Honda :eyes:

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New daily :sunglasses:


What ADM did you pay ?

I ended up paying $5500 over ($5000 adm + shift knob + dealer installed wheel locks)

First time I’ve ever paid over MSRP for something but tbh I don’t feel bad about it. Been enjoying it and everywhere else I called within 500 miles was $10k over or more. It is a fun little car.


I usually love me a shitbox rental, even crappy Nissans where I try and see how high I can get the revs before the thing actually moves, but I cannot defend this absolute POS I had in Thailand last week.

Wikipedia tells me this thing should have about 113hp but it felt closer to 25, especially on slight inclines. Hated everything about this Nissan Sylphy (Sentra dupe) at least every panel was dented and it looked like it had covered double it’s 75,000kms so I wasn’t worried about damage and Europcar made the pick up and drop off fairly painless

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Due to a series or unfortunate events that would impress Lemony Snicket, returning my rental car tomorrow isn’t happening. Extended my rental through the Avis app, even with the holiday weekend the incremental days were at the same day rate (about $30/day with tax).

Any of you who think you have bad luck, I’ll trade my good luck for your bad luck. :four_leaf_clover:


So what happened?

Needed a one day one way rental in DC (dropping off at a Budget/Avis location) so had to violate my always use National rule and went with Avis. Booked a full size sedan. Unfortunately I couldn’t pick my car in app since I updated credit card info after booking and had to validate my info at desk.

The employee who was walking me over to the last full size sedan on lot right as someone else got in it. He then tried to give me every compact on lot Corolla, Sentra, Mazda3, a different Sentra before realizing I wasn’t gonna take a compact. Asked for a compact SUV and he said ok…as long as it was the oldest RAV4 on lot.

Serves my purposes well enough. Mainly hauling hazardous waste to county drop off with dog in tow.


@trism is this a valid use for a rental Rav4?

Absolutely my first thought when I got a 2021 RAV4 with 56k miles on it and why I replied to his RAV4 post. If they had given me the CRV that was right next to it (or you know, the full size sedan I booked) I would be treating it better. But alas, I am making the best of a bad situation. Currently hauling rotten firewood in it.