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What’s the legwork? I believe I just booked a flight using their travel website and it should have used that 300 travel credit.

I have over 110k miles on it. I haven’t yet figured out how people do the whole “transfer miles to buy cheap ticket” thing. So the miles have been sitting there. Maybe I can book an international flight one day using those miles.

I have auto-pay set up on all of my cards for the minimum payment, just in case I forget to make the normal full-balance payment in time… Just as a precaution.

My statement closed with a balance of ~$44, minimum due $28.00.

I paid the $44 in full before the payment due date, no other purchases in the interim. Balance was $0.

Then a couple of days after the $44 payment posted they withdrew the $28.00 from my checking account anyway.

(the issue isn’t the money, the issue is that every encounter with this shitty company ends the same way)

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Not sure why this was a reason to deny yourself something you wanted?

It would be like not driving your own car because you didn’t want your own auto policy to be primary coverage.

I’m not sure what you guys are talking about in regards to the $300 travel credit. It literally could not be any easier; it is automatically applied after an applicable charge has been posted. You don’t even have to book through the UR portal.

Wrong card, they taking about venture x


Venture X has $300 travel credit?

Edit: Just googled, it does.

Customer service with the CSR was quite good the one time I really had to use it. While having breakfast on the wonderful CA coast, someone decided to back into my (rental) GTR and fled the scene. I used the CSR rental coverage and it was a relatively painless process. It didn’t cost me one penny, outside of my time invested.

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Ahhh, makes much more sense. :man_facepalming:

@anique For the Venture X - that is correct that you have to through Capital One in order to receive the travel credit.

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Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t. Seems to be luck if it actually works without intervention.

Capital One CSRs say the credits should post in 7 days.

The terms say:

But in reality if the credits don’t post within 7 days they’ll never show up without personal intervention.

This took multiple contacts to resolve on my mother’s Venture X:

Now I’m going through the same shit with my card.

There have been similar reports all over the interwebs for months, and Capital One is very aware of the problem, they just don’t care how long you wait before they’ll even investigate a missing credit that they know will never show up.

This sounds like mail-in-rebates (what’s the point?).

CSR is definitely far better. No intervention needed.


And god help you if you buy an airline ticket through Capital One’s shitty OTA and have to cancel.

Actually, the canceling part is easy.

Using the resulting credit requires you to deal with the belligerent, incompetent and error-prone humans that answer the phone.

Their portal makes it look like you’re rebooking yourself – but just when you think you’ve applied the credit at checkout and you are finished… you get a page that tells you that someone will have to manually do the booking and process the credit, and the page promises a 2-hour turnaround.

Then 5 hours later when absolutely nothing has happened, you call in and get someone on the phone who has zero idea what you’re talking about.

And then she’ll eventually book you on flights you didn’t choose (which are less convenient and more expensive) but you won’t discover any of this until she’s reviewing everything at the end of the call 45 minutes later, and when you correct her she has to start completely over because that’s how their system works.

That was one of the better encounters.


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I had a shocking decent experience w/ Citi, but that was w/ the disputes dept.

My (written) interactions for using the Trip Interruption benefit were fine, but the call about a dispute was an ABOMINATION. It wasn’t the content of what they said, it was more that the people who were helping me sounded so YOUNG (and not very professional). If the benefits weren’t otherwise so good (and agree that it’s insanely easy to use the annual travel credit), I would switch.

The one interaction I had w/ Capital One (whatever their low-level rewards card is) was shockingly poor (although it did get resolved in my favor).

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FYI-all of the TESLA EV rentals now include updated terms:

Avis was the last to NOT charge for Tesla Supercharging, now with their updated terms they will impose those charges to your rental.

I had a reservation for 4/3-4/4 for a $90 Tesla through Costco, and decided to check the terms again, when I made the reservation the Supercharging was included-now they changed the terms and that part is changed… HERTZ had the same 'customer pays for charging" so I went with AVIS, but cancelled and got an ICE car for $41 for the day… I only need the car for the day to haul the carry-on to the hotel and get some stuff from COSTCO for the 10 days vacation. I could’ve gotten a Shuttle $25 but a lot easier to just get the car for the day

EDIT: BTW Ice car was with DOLLAR which is part of Hertz etc…

Now confusing, as their AVIS website says this:

  • If you rented a Tesla EV, you will be able to access Tesla Superchargers to recharge Tesla vehicles without any cost to you provided, however: 1) any Tesla “idle fees”, as defined and charged by Tesla, shall be your responsibility (see Tesla’s website for details Supercharger Idle Fee | Tesla); and 2) the provisions of “Battery Charging Levels at Vehicle Return” shall apply to you.

But their updated terms section:

7) UNIQUE TESLA TERMS: If you rented a Tesla EV, you will be able to access Tesla Superchargers, subject to availability, to recharge Tesla vehicles provided, however: 1) any fees, charges and/or costs to access and utilize the Tesla Superchargers shall be your responsibility; 2) any Tesla “idle fees”, as defined and charged by Tesla, shall be your responsibility (see Tesla’s website for details Supercharger Idle Fee | Tesla); and 3) the provisions of “Battery Charging Levels at Vehicle Return” shall continue to apply to you.