Show Us Your Rental Car

There are a few rental class that guarantees AWD, but they rarely pop up. If you’re in DEN or SLC, almost all SUVs are AWD. If you need it, book SUV and don’t gamble that the aisle will have an AWD SUV during peak ski season. Only YUL will have winter tires as local law requires it - stateside expect all season tires too.

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Last time I booked through Enterprise. Specifically booked an SUV. Especially called to ask for an AWD. They gave me a CX-5 which wasn’t AWD. I got stuck in the snow but people helped so wasn’t a big hassle. Nonetheless, I wouldn’t want to risk going through that again.

Dropped off my 4xe for coolant leak recall. Was provided a Ram Bighorn. I have no business driving a vehicle this large.


Uselly book form pricline for a rental I need to get one for 4-5 days anyone can recommend to book form for the best price

I book almost everything by starting at AutoSlash, which almost always sends me to Priceline.

But when I start directly with Priceline I don’t get the same deals.

If it’s a one-way reservation, well, my employer’s contract with Avis generally yields rates that obliterate everything else.


Rented a 4Runner from Avis for a Skii Trip. Made it to the top of the hill during icy roads tonight thanks to the 4hi.


Just got back from a weekend in Miami. I reserved a Chrysler 300 with Hertz President’s Circle. When I got there, the guy offered me a new Avalon but it looked very boring. I also had the choice to take a Polestar 1 for $80 more a day. Since it was a quick trip, I decided on the Charger R/T. Besides the water spots all over it, I was very happy with it. The exhaust note is perfect and it has enough horsepower to play around with on the A1A. For $100 for 2 days, I can’t complain.


Hey peeps,
In need of a long term rental and need some guidance.
Booked first month through Hotwire and got around $700 for 26 days with sixt…had a full size booking and ended up being given a hybrid sienna which is good for our purpose right now. Can’t replicate this deal any longer and don’t have any corporate discount or membership on rentals. Any suggestions? Still need a little more time before leasing / buying our next vehicle.
Cheers, is your jam

The RT’s can be a great rental. As you’ve said, the exhaust sounds great and they have just enough power to be fun.

Thanks so far they sent me very average rates. Hotwire still better :exploding_head:
May have to speed up buying/leasing

Turo has at least a few dozen unappealing cars near me for < $750 a month.

And check your Amex Offers.


For those who do choose to use Turo, confirm you have insurance coverage through your personal policy (if opting out of the insurance). Also, the majority of credit cards (even the “premium” ones) do not offer coverage for a Turo rental.


If they gave this to you from the PC aisle, I would have rebooked under a midsize rate instead of lux.

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So I can book a midsize car and still get my choice when I get there?

Hertz PC charges you whatever you book if you take from the PC aisle. You have to book midsize or larger to take from that aisle.

If you book luxury and take a full size from PC, you are still charge the luxury rate. It is not like National where anything from the aisle is auto-adjusted to the midsize rate.


Ok gotcha… thanks for the heads up.

Rented a full size car from enterprise to drive from Ohio to Iowa and they tried to give me a beat up Hyundai Elantra with 65,xxx miles on it. Said they had nothing else so ended up driving an hour to the Dayton airport on the way and got a Nissan Rogue.

Sounds about right. Enterprise is allotted vehicles that are aged from National.


Really? Every interprise vehicle ive had in CA and AZ has had less than 20k miles, most less than 10-15. I must have been lucky. Ive had mediocre luck with Avis, one of my Avis rentals had 80k miles on it.