Should I take comission?



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You are the gift that keeps on giving.

Thank you for the nonstop mentions of my username.

I didn’t this time, you dummy - it’s an image :wink:

So now your are attacking my intelligence?

It does not matter whether it is an image or not, when you say things about someone and display the @carphan (<- like I just did right here), people check me out. And I have a link to my at-home leasing system.

And in the few minutes since you posted this here, I have already had 7 people show up - and 2 new buyers:

So I beg of you:

Call me a douchebag… .a jerk - hell, even a kook. You have my permission.

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LoL. I was one of the ones checking out your site. Are people actually signing up for your $100 thing?

I guess you did not read this:

And are you calling my new customers stupid?

Don’t feed the troll :slight_smile: I hope moderators will finally take care of him

LoL. I’m not calling anyone stupid. :slight_smile: If they get the kind of deal they’re looking for then more power to 'em!

Ursus. I want to track you down and give you a big kiss (and a bigger hug)…

Because now I am up to 7 sales - just from this post you created:

You have my full permission to call me any bad name in the book!

Your new customers aren’t dumb, they’re actually very smart. Who else would give a 100 dollars to learn things that definitely are not easily available on the internet, from a man who is not a pathological liar who regularly gets 20 percent off his brand new leases, drives them way too many miles, has multiple car-max dealerships compete on price over who is going to buy this vehicle, all the while hanging out at dealerships to try and overhear anything he can about the inner workings of the shadowy enterprise that is a car dealership. They sound brilliant to me actually.

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Nice sarcasm…

Tell this to a woman I helped who was just in a bad car crash.

To add insult to injury, the accident (which was not her fault) dinged her credit score below the 680 needed to lease.

This was 9 days ago.

Today, not only did she lease the car she always wanted, but she got it for 1% of MSRP - all by email… she never stepped foot in the dealership until she picked up the car.

What is this website again?

Thank you. If anyone can sumarize it for me it would be great. So you pay and this guy just gets you the deal or just provides a guide.

SusanJBerkowitz and CarPhan are the same person (along with a few other accounts here). He can’t seem to keep his logins straight through a conversation. If you hang out here long enough you’ll soon pick up on the subtle common communication tones in his posts.

For $99 you’ll get an ebook outlining his tricks to get lease deals. Or you can spend a couple hours here and learn all the same “tricks.”


Thanks for explaining. I thought it was like a service that negotiated prices with the dealer.

Ah no.

And it is sad that you are flat lying and making up stuff. I respected you (until now).

There is no ebook. None. Zilch.

The main part of the system is email software and fill-in-the-blank templates. These templates are worded different depending on each client’s needs. No ebook does that.

And I have video training on how to lease with dealerships without going into their showroom.

Super sad that you are hopping on this bandwagon, RVguy.

Yup one of these accounts messaged me asking for dealer contact info. I didn’t realize until the person who actually wanted it messaged me a few days later. Hope he doesn’t tell his minions to harass my saleswoman who is amazing. It’d be easy to ban his IP and make the Leasehackr community so much better, but I can dream

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I read through your website and assumed that your product was a simple ebook. The landing page is a vertical scroll-a-thon sales pitch that looks like the typical ebook product launch template. If it is in fact a sophisticated tool that secures legit deals for consumers then good work! It is a lot of work to get a group of dealers to bid silently against one another. The time requirement is really the taxing part of the process. Other than crafting the message of the email to get the bidding started, do you offer anything to decrease the time to get the best deal?

If someone pays you the $99, you claim that they are entering into an NDA. I’m not a lawyer but I don’t believe your product contains any trade secrets that would legally be covered by an NDA. Are you certain about the legality of your claims?

I am also assuming several accounts on this forum were created by you which is not a stretch of the imagination. The deception is interesting and quite ironic given your comments on this forum about calling out deceptive dealer practices.


Well, he very well might.

@michael @littleviolette can someone ban this guy for spamming the forum through multiple accounts?

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