“Should I buy out my lease?” super-thread


If you’re just buying out the car yourself (if that’s what you’re asking?) then with MBFS it varies from state to state on whether you have to involve a dealer or not.

Just pull up your payoff quote online at MBFS and it will let you know whether you can just pay MBFS directly or need to involve a dealer.

When trying to access the “lease equity” by selling your leased car to a third-party, make sure you are aware of any extra fees the lender may charge for such a transaction. Pay close attention to the residual value and disposition date, as well as the current payoff amount, as these will all impact how much you can potentially make from the sale. Additionally, if you have extended your lease, be sure to check how far along you are on that timeline. Finally, it is important to do research on the used car market, as current market prices could affect how much money you will actually make in the end.
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Well now I am seeing all these Jeep GC lease deals and second guessing my decision to buyout my 2020 Tundra. I got a purchase quote of $39k earlier this month from US Bank inclusive of the last 3 months of payments, TX sales tax, and 1 month penalty fee for early buyout. Lease is $415/month.

KBB is telling me I should have a trade in value of $45k? Does that sound right? It’s a 2020 Tundra SR5 Crew Cab TRD 4x4 with about 28k miles.

I think I read before that there are some dealers here that work with US bank and can get better buyout deals and then help with a new lease? I might be interested to go that route if I get the equity out of the Tundra and end up with a new lease around $400/month. New vehicle needs to be easily capable of towing a 20ft boat. I’m in Texas.

The GC deals you’re seeing are most likely 4xe models, which are powered by a 4-cylinder PHEV rated at 6,000 lb towing capacity. Is that enough for you?

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How do I find out which dealers at the top of this thread would be able to buy-out via vw/Audi dealers aside from the ones you listed?

Unless they are owned by a conglomerate like Autonation or Penske (AKA Carshop) then they are most likely independent and you’d have to contact each one individually

Hi everyone… I have a 2021 Audi S4 leased through VW Credit that is due to go back early January 2024… I’m not thrilled with the current market conditions, and doubt they will substantially improve by January – so my plan was to likely grab an 18-month lease on a Nissan Pathfinder as a short-term solution. Residual on the S4 is $36,922 - and will be way under mileage at lease end (Lease is for 36K, and the car currently has just under 21K). I’m in NY, so buyout would have to tack on 8.625% sales tax if I was to buy it… While I like the car, repairs can get expensive very quick once its out of warranty - and I dont feel like rolling the dice. From what I’ve read, VW Credit does adjustment to market value on 3rd party buyouts. I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions on what (if anything) I should do at lease-end… Do I have any play with equity here? Thanks

Check with EquityHackr (Main Page of this site) or @Anthony_Lopez and see if they can buy it.

Also any VW dealer can buy it without Tax.

Hey Folks, first time poster here

Recently leased an EQE SUV and I’m loving the car so much I’m having second thoughts about a 2 year lease and want to keep the car longer.

I’m exploring the option of doing the lease buyout (and financing with bank loan) instead of going through full 2 year lease since, at first glance, the numbers look favorable.

Location: NorCal
MSRP: $84,700
Agreed Cost: $73,000 (~10% off MSRP)
Cap Cost Reduction: $11,155 (7.5k EV rebate match + employer rebate)
Downpayment: $5k
MSD: $9k
Monthly: $888 (includes $1700 FCLP package that can still be removed since I leased <30 days)

Residual value: $54k (after 2 years) (65% of MSRP)
Current Lease buyout: $56k (The MSD are being counted towards the lease buyout)

Essentially, if I go through the 2 year lease I would’ve paid in $5k + $888*24 - $9k (MSD)= $17,300 and would have the option to finance for $54k (total cost $71,300 + loan interest)

If I do lease buyout, I would pay $5k + $9k = $14k and finance $56k (total cost ~$70k + loan interest) (potentially reduce $1700 because of the FCLP refund)

Am I overthinking this?

Maybe early lease termination fees might eat up any “gains” I might have and I’ve read that Merc doesn’t like 3rd parties buying out leases?


Just ride out the lease and reassess at lease end, the cost difference isn’t sufficient to buyout early.

Who knows, maybe you can get into a 2025 EQE SUV for a lot less.


I would ride out the lease and see how you feel at the end. Gives you more protection in the event you have issues with car (MB is still new at EVs) or if resale value in 2 years sucks or if there is updated model w/ strong programs in 2 years. If you still want to buy it at the end you’re not losing out on much. Another plus is interest rates will hopefully be lower by then.


Makes sense, the prospect of better tech in 2 years is the main reason I went with a short lease in the first place.

Totally, that’s a great point. The savings aren’t that much to begin with. Not holding my breath on the interest rates going back down, tbh but who knows.


MB has a massive early term penalty that’s equal to 4% of the unpaid lease balance. Recommend not doing this.


That depends on the state. IIRC the last time someone posted a MBFS contract from California the 4% penalty wasn’t there.

In any event the payoff you get from MBFS includes this penalty (if applicable) and any fees so the numbers the OP posted above shouldn’t change.

But that definitely doesn’t change the right answer in this case that it’s best to just ride the lease out vs. buying it early.

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So it seems you have approximately 3-4K in equity on this car. Based on the numbers the dealer is “offering” you this basically is $430 a month with 5500-6500 DAS ($2500 taxes and upfront fees DAS plus “stealing” your equity”) so an effective payment in the high 5 to low 7 range on a very low mileage lease. Shop your car around for equity deals, Honda/Acura dealers, or autonation affiliated dealers who have a Honda dealer under their umbrella. It is best to separate the two deals to see where the money is really going. I would take the equity check and use that to pay towards the monthly from a stand alone bank account, or shop a brand that allows max msds if you can swing it. You can get into a Jeep Grand Cherokee (obv trim dependent) for high 4 low 5 with little to nothing out of pocket if you like that vehicle.

Reach out to Anthony. He can buy your lease out at your buyout thru his affiliated dealers. He is awesome and legit. Responds via text within minutes.

DSR Leasing - Broker / Dealer / Transporter / Lease Return Buyouts?

You don’t have to do anything right now unless you are ordering your next car.

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I think your math is wrong.

Your MSD of $9K is what is giving you the $888/month. It would be given back to you in the event that you returned the car. You also had a down payment of $5K which covered your 1st month payment. Your total lease payments for 2 years is: (888*23)+5000 = $25,424. Your lease buyout after 24 months would be: $55055. You would pay a total of $25,424+$55055 = $80,479. If you were to wait till then. Your $9K simply goes towards paying off the residual. So, consider it only for your loan: 55055-9000 = 46055. You still would have paid a total of $80,479. Sales tax on the $55055 is about 10% for NorCal. So 5505.5+80,479 = 85984.5 at least! Before considering interest on the 46K loan.

If you bought it right now it is essentially $5000+$9000+$56,000 = $70,000+ sales tax = 70K+5.6K=75.6K

Okay, if MB indeed charges 4% of MSRP, that would be 3388+75.6= $78988. Still about a $7K difference.

You could be saving at least $7K before the refund of the FCLP is considered. So, you could save $8,700.

EDIT: I think your question about whether you should buy or continue to lease is very valid still. I would pose 4 questions to answer it overall. 1) How much would a new car loan from my favourite credit union or bank cost me for $56K today? 2) Is the rate from my bank better than what my $9000 MSD got me? 3) What would the monthly payment be for the loan if I make it out to 72 months? 4) What is the resale value of an EQE in 2 years?

You seem to have a two year plan. The car is under warranty for 3-4 years. Your biggest problem is estimating the resale value at year two. MB has said $56K 24mth residual. With a 5.8% loan in NorCal, you would be at $922 per month and have a balance of $39,4xx after 24 months. That is 56-40= $16K. You would have spent (24*922)+5000+9000 = $36,128 and recovered $16,000. So In essence $20K to use this car for 24 months vs paying $25,424 to lease. $5,000 in savings.