S90 T8 Deal Closed


Don’t bother :slight_smile: There is 0 incentives, no a-plan and minimal discounts (if any) on XC40


Perfect - thank you. I wont


Separately, it looks like the XC60 incentive dropped to $500. Sad!


XC60, RDX and XC40 selling like hot cakes


It stays at $2k on T6 and $500 on T5 in NE.
On a different subject - V90/CC has $6,000 for purchase.


Incentives vary from market to market, so not saying where you’re located is a problem.


I was told by my Volvo dealer that XC60 (and possibly XC40 deals) should be getting better when incentives get updated for the month tomorrow. A lot of dealers couldn’t sell SUVs last month due to incentives not being great and being way better on sedans, so apparently Volvo is incentivizing them this month. Also with the XC40, a lot of people canceled their CareByVolvo subscriptions due to them taking so long to be delivered, so a lot of dealers now have a surplus of XC40’s that need to be gotten rid of, and they couldn’t for the past months due to the leases being more expensive on them then on most $50k+ cars Volvo has. I’ll update you guys tomorrow with the info I get (at least for the Miami area).


Incentives for August are already out and did not change much, except for S90.


$500 more in volvoallowance


On what and where? They are regional, but again - no radical changes on XC60/XC40/XC90.


I was adding to your comment about “except for S90”


Any time a dealer/salesperson says this, take it with a grain of salt. They have no idea.


Yeah I was weary about it when that’s what I was told, but the only change that happened yesterday in the Miami area is that they moved $500 of incentives from lease loyalty to general manufacturer incentives. Not sure if I should wait until September or not for an XC60. I’m assuming as this month goes along dealers will provide more dealer discounts than last month though (got a $53,350 down to $44,819).


Wow $44k Where are you located?


Is that adjusted cap cost?


It was selling price in the Miami area with $5000 MSD (10 of them) and $1500 down including first month’s payment of $465. Another dealer was offering $4750 MSD (10 of them) $425 down (first month’s payment) with $425 a month so I’m sure you can get it less than $44800 if you wait until the end of the month. Reason I didn’t take the $425 deal is they didn’t have any dark interior cars (light stains too easily). All of the monthly payments are including 6% tax btw. Just takes a bit of negotiating over the phone and patience.


The blond leather cleans easily. I would prefer that in the Florida heat.


For the T8, my A-plan shows 6K in incentives.

When I run this trim through the Volvo site, they show another 6K worth of incentives.

Does all 12K stack?

I also see 5K from federal.

Is any of that returned as an incentive in the lease?

If all of these can be combined, it looks like there is 17K on the table before any type of discussion on discount from MSRP?

There is also another $1500 in rebates from California on this vehicle, so 20K off is possible? Or did I miss the fine print?


5k is passed through to the buyer on the lease. 3+3k on Inscription includes VIP bonus, for which you probably don’t qualify.


is the A-Plan and the rebates (12K) I have shown from the Volvo calculator stackable?