S90 T8 Deal Closed


So with a lot of help from leasehacker I was able to close a deal on a Volvo S90 T8 Inscription Hybrid model in NJ

Here are the details:

3 years/ 12K Miles

MSRP: 73450
Sale Price : 55K (after APlan and Dealer discount)

Tax/Fees : $2600
MSD: $5000

Lease: $498

Thanks for all the info here.




Nicely done! 20202020


Nice! Any idea what a 24 month term would have looked like?


At the end of the day (rolling in the customer cash of $2600 in to your monthly) who leases a $74K car for $600 a month? Good job!
I just helped a friend get into an Audi A6 and the MSRP was a less but his payments are more than yours.
To be honest, at the end of the day I would rather drive the T8 than the A6.
The A6 is undergoing a face lift for next years so the current models have OK discounts.


How did you get the price from 74 to 55? Was it a 2017?

I am looking at a s90 t5 2018 momentum w A plan and 10k miles w $500 down and got a quote for $469. It would be great to get a better deal, this is my first lease. Thanks for the help!


The T5 is only a cheaper lease if you’re able to find a T5 fwd under an MSRP of about $52.5k, otherwise you’ll pay less getting into a T6 momentum around 60-61k.

I’ve been watching T8s, but it’s impossible to find one in southern california with an MSRP under $79k. Really need those <$73k ones to make it a killer deal.


This is 2018 T8.

I had APLAN elite plus the Volvo discounts plus the dealer discount as well. I’ll try and post the exact split tomorrow.

Before negotiations, The dealer started off the conversation with the $702 lease without taxes and fees.


By the way I emailed Volvo Corporate and they were very helpful. They can get you all the cars in inventory including the ones at the nearby port.

I even found a T8 Momentum and multiple T8 Inscription under 70K at the NJ PORT.

This was the email id:
Customer Care Team volvo1@mailmw.custhelp.com


Not sure in the 24 month lease


I want one. Was there another one left?


With friends like these … lol


…you don’t need vhooloo?


I was going to say friends don’t let friends overpay for Aubsolete Audi Autrocious leases


Thanks to Leasehackr and specifically posts like this I just did the follow deal yesterday in Texas:

S90 T8 Inscription

MSRP: $77,190
Sale Price: $53,248 (after all discounts; MSRP discount was to $65k before incentives)

Tax / Fees: $4,750 (we pay tax on the whole net purchase price up front in Texas; includes first month pmt)
State Rebate: $2,500 (can’t be included in cap cost reduction)
Net Tax/Fees: $2,250

MSDs: $5,000


Total expense: $19,962 for $77,190 MSRP

BTW, like 10 dealers told me I was nuts for asking for this deal, but one said yes with no negotiating at all. Luckily they were only 200mi from my home.

Thanks again to everyone on this forum and btw I’m going to be making a donation to the site as well.

Why I didn't lease a Volvo S90

Great deal. 15+% off dealer discount. What other rebates were available (earlier this year Volvo pulled the ability to use Aplan on the T8).


Make sure you check the car thoroughly. Often times there is a reason a dealer is quick to accept an offer others won’t touch. Last car I encountered like that had been in a fender bender on test drive and had a replacement bumper. I didn’t care as it was professionally done and looked perfect and just doesn’t matter in a lease.


Can you PM the dealer info? I also live in TX


Didn’t know there was a T8, just read up on it. Sounds pretty fast, basically a T6 hybrid. 0-60 in 4.5, take some pics and post it to the Trophy Garage!


Incentives included:
$2,500 + $3,750 from Volvo
$500 loyalty
$5,002 from federal government

No A Plan used for this deal