S90 T8 Deal Closed


I dont think A plan is availble on the T8. This is an awesome deal. Congrats and yes post it up on the garage !


There is no a-plan and this is why he said he didn’t use it - couldn’t even if he had it.


Not sure if the A-plan website is out of date, but it shows $3k for T8 Inscription:


Maybe it is back. Previously I saw that they removed it.


Oh, yeah. Just double checked, looks like it’s still there. $9,752 cash + $3,000 a-plan in NE. Thought it was gone, for some reason.


And when I login, it’s only available on the T8 Inscr, not the T8 Mom.


It is for both in the bulletin.


Do you mind sharing your dealer/salesperson info?
Interested in this deal


I’m in Texas, and could use some help as well. If you wouldn’t mind sharing this dealer/sales persons contact info, I would appreciate it?


I am seeing $20k+ off MSRP on these loaded plug-in hybrid models cars right now (ie $78k down to $56k) but residuals are very low so lease # doesn’t look great. $0 out of pocket around $750-800 including tax on 24 months 10k miles. Still sounds to high. The low residual off-sets the huge MSRP discount.


Can you be a part of the A Plan without knowing someone at Volvo? Im new here so Ill be asking some pretty dumb questions until I get a handle. Have to get into my next Volvo by end of week


Best to just search first before asking “some pretty dumb questions”
To get A plan you need to work for a company that is on the list. Only way to find out is either ask the dealer or email the A plan support people to see if your employer is on the list.


We all know what “assume” means. Researching queen here. But thanks.


For future reference it’s probably best to try and close by end of prior month (7/31) rather than the first week of a new month


Not when the incentives improve. And if A-Plan is the way to go (and it is when there’s $3,000 involved), the pricing is fixed, so no end-of-the-month desperation.


Not when the residual drops…


Usually with Volvo when the residual drops, the MF does as well. In an overall sense, deals tend to get better over time.

2018 S90 T8 Inscription
July 36/10 RV 48% MF 0.00063
Aug - same
Incentives vary from market to market


Seems like they got worse since April…


April 36/10 RV 51% MF 0.00096
Prior to July 3rd dealers could discount below A-Plan


Im shopping now - s60 2018 are getting slim. I hired a negotiator not listed here. Considering XC40. Ill let you know how the deal goes tomorrow.