Rx350L 7 seat 2018 lease

I am leasing new 2018 RXL 350 L w Navi premium 7 seats
MRSP 56000
Dealer only came down to this 600 plus tax tag title acq fee doc fees and first month payment which comes out to be 3300 state NJ no rebates
Is that a good deal ?

Simply put no, but the L just came on the market so…

We just looked at it, then compared with a fully loaded Highlander Limited Platinum and signed that as we liked it more. Residual on the Highlander is 60% (63% if you go w/ XLE), with MF of 0.00037 (or 0.00036 I heard two things).

The one we were looking at was MSRP of $63k, wouldn’t budge off of $800 with drive-off (first, doc, etc). High MF, lower residual :frowning:

Good luck with it!

What is your monthly payment on the highlander?

It just came out and Lexus expects it to print money for them. Doubtful you’re going to get a good deal on it anytime soon or even have it meet the 1% rule. Basically $700 a month for that isn’t very good considering you can get an MDX for much less

Did you look at GX460 as well? I would think that would lease better than the RX350L.

I posted my deal at 2018 Toyota Highlander Limited Platinum Deal – not a super deal, but we’re very happy!

I looked at MDX as well just before your post, it didn’t look nearly as pristine and luxury as RXL, and the pricing total including everything was only 75/m less for Loaded hybrid compared to RXL
Only one with better deal is Atlas 510/m including everything but that seems too bulky in shape and less luxury.

L = Loss baby

New on the market you wont be getting a good deal don’t waste your time on this forum looking for a good deal on that car.

Thank you for the feedback

Can anyone share CX 9experience what would be an ideal number for zero down including acquisition fee and documentation fee excluding Tax registration and first months payment
Grand touring

Search the forum. Many posts on CX-9

One of the two cars we recently leased was a 2018 Lexus RX-L. We paid $509/mo plus tax ($542 incl tax) and zero costs due at signing except the first month’s payment. Details here: 2018 Lexus RX 350 and a 2018 Lexus RX-L