Return BMW lease early, who eats payments?

When you return your lease early to BMW, who eats the remaining payments? BMWFS or Dealer or Split?

Chances are you will eat the remaining payments unless there is a pull ahead offer from BMW Corporate


A dealer will never ever eat anything. If they tell you they will eat negative equity, they’re already baking it into your cost.


Yup as said above, also if you receive a pull ahead notice, make sure its form corporate and not a dealers flyer

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Hope you are hungry because YOU will be eating the payments in one way or the other. Chomp chomp, nom nom nom


The Cadillac dealer :joy:

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Good one!!! Also try the genesis dealer. They are so desperate they may be willing to eat a lot :slight_smile:

Thanks for the morning chuckle!

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Ok… rephrase… if you have a pull ahead offer from BMW corporate… does Corporate actually eat the rest of the lease? They don’t punish the dealer? This is a hypothetical right now but just curious if I have this flyer and the dealer starts giving me crap that they’re gonna have to eat part of that… just wanna have knowledge :wink: thx!

A dealer will never eat anything…? Lol, this is just not true.

But there isn’t a pull ahead available, if there was, then yes, BMW would.

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Then I’m confused how this worked:

Where was this cost baked into the lease? Cause the numbers are already much better than I’ve seen anywhere else.

They covered the cost of the current lease in addition to the discount.

It wasn’t baked into the lease, they just wrote a check for it.

There you go. That check comes from dealer or BMWFS?

The dealer. There was no pull ahead

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And where do you think the dealer gets that money from? Instead of discounting 6k they discount 5k and give you a check (numbers used as example)


@GAngellBMW @vhooloo @mp11477 @mani_is_kool care to weigh in more?

I agree with James.
It will either be a discount or a check with a lower discount.

It’s the same money pool, just distributed differently.
If I hadn’t had payments on the lease, I would have just got a bigger discount…

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If you ever receive a corporate notice, do not disclose to dealer and get the best numbers after beating them up. Only after all is done and said, then tell them you have an existing lease with remainjng payments which corporate has sent u an offer for. But remember, even corporate offers are not 100% true. With Acura, I received my corporate notice, qhen i called acura financial, they said 3 were being waived by them and other 3 will be eaten by dealer, which basically meant being baked in ur new lease. Yes it does happen.

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I’m considering the exact same situation. I’m far over miles and am close to needing a set of tires and my lease expires in Feb. '19. I’m considering just paying off the lease and turning the car in to avoid the extra miles and tire charges. I can say this… BMW is going to have to try very hard to keep my business. As an old BMW customer, there are just too many cars in the line now and it seems they are innovating far too slowly. That… and good God the seats are hard and the older I get… the tougher that is to take.