Require dealers/brokers to list breakdown of total DAS

I’ve noticed a trend where only monthly payment is posted and DAS is “taxes, fees, and MSDs”.

I think that this makes it more difficult for the consumer to understand the offer and how the lease is structured. It also makes it more difficult for consumers to compare one offer to another. It also puts transparent dealers at a disadvantage when someone lists a flashy low monthly payment without disclosing actual DAS.

For these reasons, if a dealer or broker posts a monthly payment amount, they should also be required to provide a breakdown of the actual DAS amount as well, not just “taxes fees MSDS DAS”.


Interesting idea however as you know DAS is a very customizable aspect. I believe most of the brokers on LH do try to limit DAS to inception costs only avoiding any capital reductions.


Right. I guess the reason why I bring this up is we have a lot of dealers that post deals with true $0 DAS and X per month. Then a competitor comes, and undercuts their “per month” but doesn’t list out a sample DAS, making it more difficult for the customer to compare real cost. Thats the problem I think could use work…


Would something like “$X total DAS plus tax” work?


I understand what you mean.

It can be challenging because taxes, reg fees, and MSDs will vary be deal/state.

I used to try and list the exact amounts but it makes any deal outside of X state nearly impossible to advertise.

For example, in MA, there are no temp tags. Therefore, the dealer has to either register the car in the buyers state, or send the CO to the buyer and have them register it locally.

I totally understand your point, but I don’t know how I would advertise that outside of saying, “reg.”

MSDs are sorta kinda similar. Based on the post-tax payment and how much one puts up at signing, they will vary.

Totally open to a more transparent way, but I think it would be most helpful if suggestions were made on how to accommodate.

Since all of these are variable based on your particular location, why not just PM the broker and ask for a true breakdown based on your situation. As a buyer, if you decide you don’t like what you see, you are in control, can simply say No, and look elsewhere.

It would be virtually impossible to do a breakdown like you mentioned above unless you (as a dealer/broker) are only offering to local residents…and even that could cause it to vary.


Taxes and fees changes greatly depending on where you are located. Most brokers that do that also provide links to calculators to let the consumer modify it to their taste.


I believe a range of drive off’s can still be included for a true comparison. For example “$2000-$2300 depending on your state of residency”.

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That could turn in a lot of wasted time for brokers which I’ve noticed before they don’t like to provide empty quotes. I’ve stated similar things before “to ask” and people have came out swinging with “30 min here, 30 min there for nothing isn’t a good thing to waste brokers/sales person time”.
Thus trying to do as much due diligence before asking for a quote reduces brokers wasted time.

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I think this works. I honestly don’t care about a breakdown for transparency. I just want to know the DAS number and the monthly number so I know what it’s gonna cost me and so I can compare. If you’re structuring it as a lower drive off with the dealer and pocketing some or even all of the DAS, that’s fine with me. I really couldn’t care less where the money goes, as long as I’m getting what I want for the money I’m willing to spend for it.


Sure…but how do you propose structuring a deal based out of PA for all 50 states? Some states charge tax by county, so now you have that as well.

NY doesn’t do MSDs, so a deal for a New Yorker is going to be different too.

Too many variables.

Just like Ben said: ~$XXX [breakdown] DAS + Tax + MSDs would work.

How do you do a breakdown for each locale in the country? Doc fee would be the only one applicable to everyone.

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I like it when they provide the calculator link. I think it should be required. Up to the customer to know what their local tax rate is. I can then quickly look at the total lease cost and tell if it’s a great deal or not.

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You don’t, that’s why I used “~”. The only variable there is the registration/title, hence “~”. Doc fee, acquisition fee, first month are the same.

I dont know yet. I just said that option of asking wasn’t well received when I stated it. But if it’s not being objected now - why not.
I still like the best when LH calc link posted. All questions are answered right away without asking. I can see DAS, change tax, account for acquisition fee right away.
But I understand some can’t / won’t do it.
So what’s the best way? I don’t have an answer. Sometimes of the quote is not clear I either ignore it or make assumptions about what hasn’t been stated.

I agree more structure is needed for brokers / dealers, especially considering the growth of the forum and the high number of new registered brokers / dealers. We have longtime brokers like @nyclife @Benedetto @aronchi etc that have always been pretty clear and transparent when it comes to all aspects of their deals. More and more of the newer brokers aren’t as regimented and their deals are harder to decipher.

I also think brokers / dealers should include calculator links for the models they advertise. It won’t include every car model / variation, but at least folks will have an idea of fees etc which are included in their typical deals. I also think its important to include the broker fee in each ad, since that also makes a difference when comparing deals. Some dealers want $500 broker fee, which is ~$15-21/mo on a 24-36mos lease


Calculator link was discussed about a months or two ago after BMW clearance and it was agreed that for dealers it was not feasible. Or at least that’s what I recall was the general agreement.

Well w/ more and more dealer/brokers registering everyday, and potentially making a good income from LH members, I think @Micheal and @littleviolette need to decide on some better practices / standards across the board. There are many brokers now charging a $500 broker fee for mass appeal deals, where they setup the deal, and reap the benefits of multiple sales per month, could be earning $5-10k month just off fees for driving customers to dealerships.

I know some of the LH brokers have mentioned or posted they make more doing brokering P/T then their full-time jobs. I don’t think requiring them to provide Calculator Links as part of having those broker privileges is asking much to earn their fee, especially when some are negotiating a good price for a highly desired vehicle, and collecting numerous broker fees for connecting buyers and dealers.

I don’t understand why everyone is so hung up on their fees. I would love it if they provide calculators for all deals but it makes it much easier to undercut them so I can understand the hesitation and also the time commitment.
Ultimately when it comes to a brokers deal if you are happy with the car, monthly, DAS and broker fee then go for it. These deals are take it or leave it so whats the point if you know the MF or any of the other variables. With dealers you can negotiate so you need to know the variables so you know where to push but not with brokers. Just because they make money doesn’t mean they need to reveal all the secrets.