Reliability of volvo?

How’s the reliability of Volvo, especially the twincharged models? I only have the recollection of the 240s lasting forever but don’t know the modern day Volvo. Super and turbocharging sounds like not a great idea out of warranty but if the design is solid and reliable i might bite the bullet. I have the idea of buying a car for the long haul that’s fun. Wife wasn’t a fan of the GSF I got from carmax, which made me sad.

Not enough data on the new platforms to make a determination. There is a LOT of tech that can break down, however. These are ideal leasing vehicles.


The twin charged Volvo’s have not received high marks for the implementation. I recommend sticking to the T6 trim for simplicities sake. Other than that, I find Volvo’s to be as reliable as the German brands as far as maintenance and service costs go.

Not sure how much stock you put in Consumer Reports, but their data for the XC90 is very poor reliability in 2016 and 2017 and average reliability for 2018.

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Currently all Volvo engines in US are 4cyl

T5 is a 4cyl with a Turbo
T6 is a 4cyl with a Turbo + Supercharger (aka a disco potato)

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If you lease, does it matter? It’s under warranty for the lease duration.


I had a 2017 S90 for two years, and am currently driving a 2019 S60. I haven’t really had any major issues with the cars, but obviously I’ve driven them for a very short time. I probably wouldn’t buy a Volvo and would just stick to leasing one.


I know this is lease hackers but debating buying one. Forum pretty active and figure some people would have some experience with the brand. That’s disappointing to read though, sounds like a fun reliable 4 door is just the GSF and maybe a Civic type r to keep for 10 plus years?

Edit: reading the Volvo forums is akin to reading Alfa forums…

Hmm I confused twin charging with the hybrid power plant and twin charging. The T8 trims are the ones I’m thinking about that have transitionary issues.

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I mean, even the 240s had their issues. The engines would last forever, but if you wanted it to retain air conditioning that was quite a different story.

It’s a new car with tons of electrical systems and powerful 4 cylinders. If you’re worried about longevity, then you have come to the right place, because leasing makes it a nonissue.

Source: my Mom drove a 240 for years.


I’m leasing a 2017 T6 XC90. 33k miles in and the engine has been nothing but great, decent pickup for a large truck and surprisingly good gas mileage 30+MPG-HWY.
Tech is a completely different animal, It’s been in the shop over a dozen times, things from the radio not playing, to the air conditioning temperatures being Mis-calibrated, entire touch screen going black for days…
Plus after leasing, Mercedes, BMW, Audi and even Lincoln the level of customer service does not even compare. Most dealers don’t do loaner cars. I had to rent a car from enterprise and submit paperwork to Volvo for reimbursement when one repair took over 3 weeks.

Important point here. Volvo only recently positioned themselves as luxury—as such, their dealers sell and service like they are selling mediocre imports.

Interesting. I think most LA dealers have loaner cars for volvo.

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More and more I’m feeling that modern luxury cars are lease only vehicles. They are just too complicated with inter-connected tech that will eventually break. The last three cars I’ve bought have been BMWs, two of them leased. I’m seriously leaning toward buying a Toyota that I will hold onto for 15 years next time. I know it will not be as fun to drive but if I want them I’ll go pick up an old E30 or something for weekend driving.

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He wants to buy it.

What are you basing this statement on? The Volvo dealers in South Florida are beautiful and service is fantastic.

I’ve owned the make before (and do now). And I’ve owned MB, BMW, LR. So, I am basing my statement on personal experience. Volvo is an aspiring luxury brand, at the end of the middle part of a major transition brought on by the Geely sale.

All three other nameplates would come to my house the morning of service, take my car and leave a loaner. And they’d do it again and reverse it at the end of the day.

Agree that the new dealership design standard looks great, but not all owners have committed yet, and the redesign doesn’t come with a new staff.

BMW, MB and LR don’t do that here

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Have you asked them to?

“At Mercedes-Benz of Paramus, we offer a complimentary loaner vehicle for factory-scheduled Mercedes-Benz maintenance, with available pickup and delivery to your home or office. We kindly request your cooperation in following a few basic policies while driving your loaner vehicle”

Yes. MB and BMW. They only provide loaners.

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