Ready for Transfer - 2017 Bmw i3 Rex, $257/mo , 25k miles remaining, Southern California

I need to get out of my lease. I have a 2017 Bmw i3 Rex. Here’s some helpful info. It has the Giga World, upgraded rims, Harman Kardon, larger screen, parking assist, tech, and rearview camera.

Monthly - $257
Lease Ends - 9/11/2020
Mileage Allowance - 30k
Current miles - about 4,300k

It’s in flawless condition.

Buyer to pay all transfer fees ($1,000 total which includes BMW transfer fees and to recoup some of my costs). If you an OL code, we can possibly work out a deal on the transfer fees.

I’m in So Cal.

Did you apply for state rebate?

Yes I already did and received it. If you’re in So Cal, you can apply for the Edison rebate if you quality.

They might ask for that money back once you transfer the lease thats what happen to my buddy when he transferred his lease early.

How would they know?

BMWFS notified DMV of ownership change and then DMV reports the changes to clean rebate program.

i read the terms and condition and it states below. They reserve the right, doesn’t mean they will. Oh well, if they do, I’ll need to take the risk. I need a car with longer range because my commute doubled.

*Note: CARB verifies vehicle ownership through periodic checks of Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs) in the California DMV database. If a vehicle purchaser or lessee sells or returns the rebated vehicle to the dealer, CARB or its designee reserves the right to recoup CVRP funds from the original vehicle purchaser identified on the rebate form and may pursue other remedies available under the law for unauthorized early termination of vehicle ownership.

Or get one of your friends to take over the lease and leave it in your name

What color is the car and where in Southern California are you?

I am near LAX.

Can you send me your contact info. Very interested and ready to move quick if this fits the need.

I recently transferred my i3 lease. At the last minute bmwfs required a recall service be performed. Then the dealer took forever to update bmwfs of the repair. The transfer was not quick. And I continued to make lease payments of course. …just be prepared.

Interested. PMed you.

I’m interested too, but I can’t seem to PM you. Please reach out if it doesn’t work out with anyone else on the forum. Thank you.

I’m pretty sure this is the guy that changed his handle after being outed for pulling a slimy move on a broker to circumvent the fee, so he might be keeping a low profile.


It is. Shame that someone’s going to overlook that and buy this from him, despite being slimy, cause they’re all gaga over electrics in CA. Oh well, at least he’ll have to pay back the rebate. It’s not a matter of IF they will come after him, it’s a matter of WHEN.

Thanks for the heads up! I am new.

I am interested if this is still available. I am in the SF area.