Feeler: 2017 Bmw i3 Rex, $257/mo , 26k miles remaining, Southern California

I might be in a situation where I need to get out of my lease. I have a 2017 Bmw i3 Rex with . Here’s some helpful info. It has the Giga World, upgraded rims, Harman Kardon, parking assist, tech, and rearview camera.

Monthly - $257
Lease Ends - 9/11/2020
Mileage Allowance - 30k
Current miles - about 4k

Buyer to pay all transfer fees.

I’m in So Cal.


The $257 includes taxes. The base payment without taxes is $234.63. 25 payments remaining. I’ll be posting pics later tonight.

Can you post up some pics?

Yup, I am at work right now, so I’ll post some tonight. Overall, it’s in excellent condition. No scratches, dings, or interior damage.

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I’m in the Bay Area, but am extremely interested in this if you decide to move forward. Please PM me if you decide to unload the car.


Interested - I am in the SD area. Let me know

I’m interested if you move forward. I’m in SoCal.

Do you know what the transfer fees would run?

charges a $100 credit-application fee and a $400.00 transfer fee

Interested and in East Ventura County.

Please PM me if interested.

Hello, serious interest in your vehicle. I am located in Torrance. Please reply / PM if ready and available.

Thank you!

Still available? Im in LA

Please send me your contact info

yes, PM me if you wan to know more about it.

Hi, extremely interested and located in the San Diego area. Pls pm if still available!

interested in riverside

Feel free to PM me , thx


Is your car still available? i am very interested and can start the process anytime. I dont think i have PM function yet… so please send me you contact info. I am near Los Angeles area.