Range Rover Sport & Full Size Reservations & Ordering

I’m not sure they would honor my deal to another customer. I’m a repeat customer at the dealer.

They are currently at $20k ADM. Plus I’m sure they are looking at AOR.

Is there still a market for Defenders or not, I got offer a 110 s with a 70k MSRP.

Nope stay away.


Agreed. Full size market will be strong for some time.

Nothing else will remain as stable in the LR fleet.

You think the RRS market will soften at some point this year?

Just my prediction say 6 months-

I don’t expect to see full size selling at sticker (unless ordered) for quite some time. If a dealer is now w in stock units, they’re beyond weak (good for hackers).

Sports are more likely to be had at sticker assuming current market trend continues. I suspect we will see more sticker deals on them in stock very soon (end of q1 / early q2)


Too soon to take bets on the return of Pin Deals / Private Offers?

wrong topic

I sold my rrs for $5k profit and dealer sold it to another dealer before I left the dealership for 8k profit :joy:


ReSpeK that hustle

:joy: i agree!! They gotta eat too!!