Range Rover Sport & Full Size Reservations & Ordering

This deserves a thread.

Feedback? I have orders in with October delivery.


ill be the guinea pig

svr/defender too? :wink:

First Edition :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

@drdvrgs Defender market is dead.


i thought you were offering orders LOL

No not at this time. This was intended as a discussion similar to the exist 4xE, Tesla, trx, and 392 threads.

Down to have some bloke buy my Escalade 20k over and roll that into a range big boy

Best I personally heard for a full sized range custom order is 5k over sticker

Some other dealerships don’t mark up, but also don’t really have enough supply to meet demand and only sell locally

I have orders for both models at sticker. No deposits. They are out there.

the new handsome models for sticker? :eyes:

Gonna be a good flip

Any idea which build? Been toying with this for a while

I did the v8 first edition.

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My friends full size Range Rover comes in October as well. His SA said they’re selling any available for 10k over now. His was locked in at msrp and ordered early 2022.

V8 sport should get some equity but was not sure if it’s worth the trouble. Definitely report back.

Because there are no available.

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I have sport on order … October delivery and August build date

Are you saying full size new body RR can be bought at sticker?

Yes the Full Size, Sport, and V8 Defender all at sticker.


I have my eye on a RR Sport PHEV but I don’t even want to walk into a LR dealer in SoFlo I have a feeling they will laugh me all the way out the front door if I ask for MSRP.

So call or email, don’t go in lol


Nah I’m just not serious yet.

I am curious as to on the ground pricing?

There was a full size 6 cyl in the showroom for $30K over in my region.

It sold in a day for their ask.

Has anyone seen any actual cars being offered and sold?

From my experience calling around the country, dealers won’t sell to me unless I register in their area.

If my local dealers are all asking well over how are buyers able to order at sticker?

Thanks for any insight.