RAM Lease Help in NW PA

I am located in Western PA trying to get a deal on a RAM - Big Horn Quad Cab 4x4, 36mo/10k. There are several dealerships between here and Eastern OH advertising $259/mo lease deals. I have had some success getting a few dealers to respond with some quotes via email using the techniques found in the forums. We have Tier 1 credit. I have spent HOURS pouring through this site and still have many questions. For example I will list the details of one of the data sheets:

  1. MSRP $43,475
  2. Discount: $2379
  3. Adjusted Price: $41,096
  4. Rebate - $4500
    Payment is $434/mo. There is a little wiggle room as the dealer used an MF of .00045 and it should be .00003
    My questions is how do these dealerships ADVERTISE deals of $259/mo (36mo/10k) with $259 down when we are nowhere near that? No where in the fine print is it saying $3000 down or anything like that to get this low price.
    What I am looking to negotiate…the “discount”? In other words trying to lower the “adjusted price”?
    Is it ridiculous of me to try and get the Adjusted price down to $38000?
    We don’t need a payment of $259 but keeping it as close to $300 as possible would be great.
    I don’t want to piss dealerships off with ridiculous pricing. Any help and advice is appreciated.

The fine print usually says taxes, fees, etc extra

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Your not gonna get into a $43K truck for $300/mo – thats just not realistic. If you payment limit is $300, you need to be looking at vehicles closer to $25K-$30K. Full size trucks, in general do not lease as well as comparable priced sedans. Lots of demand for full size trucks.

The best lease deals are a combination of discounts and incentives, you seem to understand the dealer discount, but you need to research and maximize the incentives for which you qualify. I’m not seeing alot of incentives on Ram this month.

I would suggest you look into a Tacoma or Tundra, if you check out the marketplace section on this forum you will find some brokers offer deals you may find much closer to your budget. This is presently the only exception with Gladiator prices going nuts.

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Just get a @Jrouleau426 Taco if you want to spend $2XX, he’s in East PA and a great broker.


You can get a $40k taco for 315 with msds. 365 without. Tax tags inc. $500 and first upfront


I appreciate the honesty…that is essentially what I needed to know. What is realistic and what is not.

Yes I am so pissed we did not look into leasing earlier in the year, we would have snagged a Tundra for sure. Trying to get my husband to be ok with a Taco and not a full size truck…we shall see. I watch your posts closely though! Thank you for posts.

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Well that’s not true at all. I got my Ram 1500 with a 43k sticker for $212 a month a couple years back

You’re just applying the silly 1% rule in reverse


2 years ago on an already aging model. Not a good comparison.

2019 new bodystyle
2020 covid

So yeah no, you aren’t going to be doing $269/mo on a relatively new model when inventory is low.


I was addressing the broad generalization of his statement. I’m not saying you can run out and get the deal I got. He said “you’re not gonna get a full size truck for that payment” like it is the law or something. Now isn’t the time for any leasehackr worthy deals to be honest. But if you play your cards right and have a good amount of luck (and patience), you can usually find what your after.

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Beg to differ a Ram 1500 quad can be had for under $300. Ally has 10k in incentives currently on these trucks.

What’s the RV and MF like?

Need to go to Edmonds to find that out lol

Ram classic or the regular ram? @JD81

@Raven lots of people on here make stupid statements here, but yes I agree it can be done just maybe not now.

You should have seen people Screaming tundra last year on all f-150, gm and ram threads…

Classic but the warlock v8 have a decent amount of cash on them as well

Edmunds doesn’t have Ally programs, just CCAP

Yea I had the figures I want to say 8% discount on a classic express was below 300

the RV is 56%
MF is .00003

Right see there are so many facets. How would I go about finding out that information. I went to Ally and found nothing.