RAM Lease Help in NW PA

Ally is different only way to find out would be calling the dealers and asking them. I know a local dealer who uses ally I have used before. The MF is inflated on my quote and there reluctant to respond to actual mf.

ok well still another talking point. I will see what they say. Appreciate you guys!

How do you know the dealer is inflating the MF without knowing the buyrate MF?

It’s an assumption based on full pass on of lease cash, incentives, they have to make money somewhere.

@JD81 - Already mentioned above, but the only numbers I’ve seen advertised at that low of a payment are Ram Classic Warlock’s.

The Big Horn’s aren’t leasing that well compared to other trims and it pushed me to go for a Laramie last month instead because they have a little more incentives on them, plus I wanted adaptive cruise & htd/cooled seats (N/A on Big Horn). Not a fair comparison to show my numbers since my truck was $65,970 MSRP but I was at $589 on a 36/10k lease (No conquest incentives). Not as good as some deals I’ve seen on here get but after doing a ton of work to get there, I was satisfied enough to sign.

Covid 2020 times, beggars can’t be choosers right now I’m afraid.

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Ram classics express have 10k incentives. I’m not trying to argue with anyone but on a 40-41k truck with no discount and even NYS tax your right at 300 a month with 50% RV. Even if it 48-49% RV with a small discount your below 300.

a dealership is less than a mile from us with Warlocks. I am going to send them an email with all the info have, ask them to run it through Ally and let me know.

Not all dealers use ally, just a heads up.

Seems like it.

So if you want a previous generation model, with nearly none of the options that make the current 1500 so great, and you are OK with a non-captive, then yes there is one exception in the Dodge Ram lineup. Ally also loves those 48 month terms and doesn’t permit transfers, so have fun with that.

I’m not sure where your going with this? Did you pay attention to what the conversation was about? The statement there isn’t a ram under 300 a month was proven wrong. We never talked features or who holds the lease contract and to be fair Ally is better in that sense then Chrysler. Not sure why you chimed in but it added nothing to the conversation for which you missed the whole point…thanks for that.

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I was the one who made this statement. The OP was looking for a Bighorn at $43K MSRP and you are countering with a Ram Classic. How does that make any sense? These aren’t even close to the same vehicles.

Wats different in the big horn than in a ram

Chrysler doesn’t allow transfer so have fun with that?

The Ram Classic is the previous generation body style. It’s like buying a 2018. You don’t get many of the features which presently make the 1500 the highest rate truck in the class. Different engine,reduced towing capacity and none of the tech options.

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my husband does not care about features much. He drives it ~3000 miles a year. So the Warlock is a great option for us. We don;t need fancy. We are sick of buying used rust bucket PA trucks, period.

Get some numbers and ask for MF and RV. We can take a look and tell you we’re to squeeze a bit more out. A lot of stock on these around the region into NY so you can force competition.

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yes I have the numbers for the warlock MF and RV.

Start plugging into the calc and you will see what type of discount you need to ask for.

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MSRP 41540
Sale Price: would love to ask $37000 (might be too low bit it is ~ 10% off MSRP)
RV 55%
MF .00001 ( this is what Edmunds had, no idea what Ally will be)
Edmunds also stated $5750 Incentive
So at 36mo/10K, monthly payment with tax is $273
Also are the incentives taxed or not?

They are indeed taxed for PA (source, PA resident). Also sales tax, add 3% on top of your county sales tax for the statewide PA lease usage tax. Assuming you’re in the Pitt region, and not Allegheny or Philadelphia county, 9%.

right so 9% total (not in Philly or Allegheny county)