Q50 Red Sport in GA - What am I doing wrong?

Hey guys!

This forum is awesome! Thanks so much for all the info I was able to learn here. I am still a newbie (never leased a car before) and am having some issue finding the same deals, like the ones I see on here.
Can you guys please help me figure this one out?

Attached is the quote I got on the Q50 RS, but I am seeing so many other people here on the forum, got similar if not the same cars, for just around $400 - $450/mo, with almost nothing down. What am I doing wrong?

BTW, numbers on Edmunds I got are:
res - 48%
$6600 lease cash running this month.

I am lost here, please help me get a Leasehackr deal on this one.

Thank you!

$400 Q50 red sport with nothing down = unicorn.

Timing is often an issue (avail incentives, favorable RV/MF etc), and not every deal can be replicated.

$400 Q50 red sport isn’t happening at this time.

Well for starters they are only offering $900 dealer discount, this lease cash is from the manufacturer not the dealer. They need to get a much deeper discount on that bad boy.

yes @my027012 is right. If the rebate is 6600 and you’re getting 7500 discount, that means the dealer is discounting the car less than 2%. That’s a laughable discount for any car. It would prob take a 20% discount before rebate for you to be in the price range you’re targeting.

Also 48% RV on 10k miles seems very low, the deals you saw before prob had much higher RV.

I’ve been looking for one also in GA and can’t even get them under 590 either

A lot of the deals have VPP included as well which is an additional $1500 discount

I’m an ex-Q50 owner. I don’t understand the appeal of this car in this market. In 2015 sure. But today? No. Literally every other luxury sedan is superior. Look at the S4, there are decent deals to be found lately (although I think MF shot up this month so maybe wait for “Season of Audi” next month).

And the residual has gotten do bad these aren’t even great lease deals lately.

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Yes I’m coming from a s4 actually. They are leasing terrible now not worth it for the price these dealers want now

You are going to hate the Q50 coming from an Audi. Absolutely hate it. Don’t be blinded by the 400hp. The car is so antiquated you’ll regret it. I actually went from a Q50 to an A4 last month. World of difference (and last month there were smoking deals on the A4).


Just search q50 Red Sport here, and you can see how many of these guys got unicorns…
And for inventory, I am trying to compromise on color, and get the last 2018 in my area, as that is probably what they are trying to get rid off most.

Timing may be an issue, just surprised it is that much of a difference…

What would be an acceptable dealer discount in such a car?

I am coming from a 2013 C350. I know its not as good as a Merc or Audi, but I prefer investing money than spending $700-$800 a month for a car. So $450 would be reasonable and still not drive a Kia.

Look for a q50 3.0 or a loaner C300

Do you even have VPP? If not you’re short $1500 right off the bat. Also RV dropped from last month. 48% is bad. Additionally, the idea that there’s only few left in your area doesn’t necessarily mean you get a better deal, quite the opposite, they might think they’re sitting on gold because nobody else has one left

Not going the same mistake twice. I had repairs under warranty of +$11k on it. Especially that the new ones are even cheaper bult, I mean hey, look at the QX30 ‘Mercedes’. The Q50 3.0 was only $30 cheaper, so that’s not and option.

That is what I am so shocked about. +$200 on monthly and not even a VPP. I am trying to understand if leasing in GA has anything to do with it? Tax and such…

taxation on new leases used to be a factor in GA until 2018, now it’s the same as most other states.

I spend $411/month on a very well equipped Audi. I put nothing down. You don’t need an Infiniti to get a great deal.

That’s a good car, but I would like to stay with a 6cly, and +300hp. So than I would be looking at the S4, and that is about $800/mo.
And there are at least 5 threads of people here who have done what I am looking for, so patience is key I think :wink:

Useful to know. Thanks!