Q50 red sport $399/month, should I pull the trigger?

Year: 2018
Make, Model, and Trim: infiniti q50 red sport
Months/Annual Mileage: 39mo/10k
Zip Code: 75056

$399 mo, 399 DAS for 55k MSRP + dealer installed spoiler

I feel like this is decent offer but I’m not 100% sure if i want this car. Pretty outdated exterior & interior design but payment is definitely looking good.

What do you guys think? Is q50 red sport worth $399/mo?

You’re stuck with it for 39 months. If you’re not excited about it now, I’d probably pass.

Yes it is worth it for that price … quite a bargain.

I’ve been researching Red Sports for over three months now, under 400 is a good deal, if you do not want the deal I will take it just pm me dealer info.

I’m familiar with the dealers in your area as I’ve talked to Sewell a few times.

Can people really get by with 10k/yr, I feel like allot of people just want the cheaper payment. 10k isn’t very much. Seems to be a common theme on here

I can’t even get 10k on my current lease if I tried. I guess people are different in how much they need.

How many times are these types of comments going to come up? Some people just don’t need to drive much and/or spread it between multiple vehicles, bikes, subway, etc.


I used to drive a lot. Like 30K one year a lot. Things change. Now, we do < 7.5K for each of 2 cars (work is close, work from home, etc). The 2k mile road trip we did recently will easily account for 10%+ of the driving we do this year…

Sounds like you’d have buyers/leasers remorse if you got it and you’re not 100% sure.

Let me know when you’re ready for your Red Sport in California.

Laurent Corson
805 Motors Limited


I have a similar offer on the table but for a Hybrid (which has no option packages, it only comes fully equipped with every tech and gizmo). I just don’t know if I’m not excited about it even though I know it’s a great deal, a reliable car with decent safety tech and a solid daily driver. Might stick out and wait for what I really want - the new V60.

Also watch out - gas mileage on Q50 is atrocious, and that’s on the regular V6. Scared to see how bad it’s on the Red Sport.

And, granted I know how ridiculous this sounds to most people - it still has an analog gauge cluster. I don’t want that. It’s 2018.

Depends on the use case right? My 2nd car is just a weekend pleasure car and 7 months into my 10kyr lease I have 3,200 Miles :rofl:

I think it is a great deal on a great car. But, as others said, you should be excited about it. 39 mos is a long time (I certainly won’t lease one car that long).

I’m not saying it’s the case here, but I feel some people are doing it for the cheaper payment, then down the road they are way over miles and way upside down. It’s my experience that people that signed low mileage contracts were the minority.

This is a great deal on a red sport. If you like the car, pull the trigger.

I know i’m replying very late (this could be helpful in future) It’s actually a good deal! if its with tax included. if not tax included its okish deal.