Porsche Macan Loaner, $543/mo effective, one pay ~70k MSRP

Edit: please do not PM to ask about the dealer. I will share the contact, if they agree, once ink is dry on my contract.

Adding data point on the Macan loaners:
Probably could’ve done a little better but was fine with the deal they were offering. I tried to explain the 10k waiver for Porsche miles for the month but without any documentation or guidance on that, I couldn’t really convince them of this program’s existence, cost another ~$500. I also liked the options on this one, ACC, Surround, PP+, and nicer rims. Will post pics once I have the car.

Negotiated only the selling price first, then introduced the lease perspective, as taught by LH. Given the mileage penalty unsure of how exactly to handle the calc but my total one pay is $6511 for a $69,490 MSRP. Low doc fee ($250) and base MF helped as well. Dealer is pretty easy to deal with, once I’ve wrapped up docs I’ll follow up and ask if they want to share their info as they’ve got a few more. PS. they took a $2500 deposit on CC which helped get me across the line for a $1000+ sign-up bonus.

2022 Macan Demo ~7k miles
MSRP: $69,470
Selling Price: $55,500 (20% off)
Mileage penalty: ~$500
MF: .0026
RES: 80% (12 months, 15k/yr)
One pay: $6511 incl NY & NYC tax = $543/mo

Porsche Acquisition: $1095
Dealer: $250 + ~$50 temp tag fee
Gov fees: $495 (TBD)

Obv big shoutout to @nyclife @manny0716 and LH in general for info and sharing their deals. Nice to take a break from Jeeps for a bit.


Wow I wish I could get a deal like this done. Congrats!


Congrats :fire:

Effective 900/1k a month @TheBigTuna :joy::joy::joy:


Don’t need a Macan….,Must stop opening up these threads……


Figured it will keep me busy for 6 months, get better gas mileage for my grocery runs than the 4xes (GC or Wrangler) which I had nowhere to charge free anymore, and eventually i’ll put it on SAL and move into the next thing. I’ve always wanted a Porsche and this feels like a good entry-level deal to get into a baby Porsche


Yea. I’ve always wanted a Porsche also lol


No penalty for below 10k def exists, did your contract get funded yet?

Well done @Petrem. Great discount, no rate added, and low doc fee.

Do you have to ship?

@HersheySweet he hasn’t finished the docs yet according to his note so my guess is no to funding bubba


Lol I’m debating getting another one. Two Macans better than one :joy::joy:


Happy to hear you like it! I’m picking mine up at 930


I’ve got 2 out of 3 and I’m starting to feel like that’s the best I’m going to do for the color I want at-least. Got a lower doc fee and good discount, but I have yet to find one dealer who won’t bump the rate. At least this one only bumped it .00020 instead of .00040.

Reading LH on my phone in between classes is not the best way to find the minutia, lol

The rest of us do it just fine while we’re supposed to be working :slight_smile:
It’s good practice for you, young grasshopper


You read LH between classes. I read LH during class. We are not the same :sunglasses::joy:


No it did not. Is there any doc I can point them to to prove the mileage penalty should be waived? PFS guy at dealer is new but I’m sure they’d do it if I can actually show them that it should be waived

DAMN IT! My Mom had a 2011 & 2016 Cayenne which she absolutely LOVED. She wanted a Macan so badly, but in the past drove way too much once we figured in the cost of maintenance with her driving over 20K miles per year. She’s a year (and 20K) into her 2nd RX350 which she is slowly warming up to. A 12 month lease keeps her under warranty and she’d only be on the hook for the 10K and 20K service. Not the expensive 30K service or 40K service which requires a spark plug change and most likely a set of 4 pads & rotors.

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10k service is included FWIW

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That is the major major problem with these cars, service costs :frowning:

I had a family member who had several Porsche and he got rid of both of them because of service costs. Financially they could afford it, they just got tired of the ridiculousness of the cost of everything.:cry: If I remember correctly the final straw was a prematurely failed battery that wasn’t covered under warranty that was something ridiculous like $1000+.


Bold of you to assume I’ll find a job in this market ol’ timer /s


All depends on the kind of job you’re looking for and how much pay you’re willing to settle for.