Polestar 2 Preconfigured Lease Deals

I don’t know if this post is allowed, but SIGNED! doesn’t work for Polestar, as the brand isn’t an option in the drop down.

I’ve been asked to share my deal here since I posted in Trophy Garage. It’s important for everyone to note that the online configuration tool on Polestar’s website isn’t accurate. It uses a national price, which doesn’t work well for anyone, so it should be considered an estimate only. In some states I think your total will be higher than what you see, but in California it comes out lower because of the $1500 clean fuel reward.

The lease rates overall are pretty excellent due to extremely high residuals and money factor near 0. No discounts other than state rebates (and obviously the $7500 Federal is included).

My car MSRP’d at $67,400.

Every order starts with a $500 deposit (refundable) and then you can choose down payment from there. I put nothing additional down. Drives offs came to $1155. Residual $43,810.

First month, Doc fee, lic/reg fee, upfront taxes. Acquisition fee of $995 rolled into the lease.

Monthly, pre-tax $605.75.


@michael @littleviolette can you add Polestar to the drop down?


65% RV on 39 months! Congrats on the deal.


It’s 64.

Edit: something on OP’s numbers doesn’t seem right.

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Maybe regional? It is not Volvo :slight_smile:
64% is also great.

How bizarre that the RV is lower for 30m than 36m


these are very strong leases. about 150/month cheaper than a 3 LR


2022 is not as great, but still strong numbers.

Even the program font is the same as Volvo, so yes, it is volvo.

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I meant Volvo’s MF/RV do not change, so maybe Polestar’s do based on the region. And yes - the car itself is a Volvo.

I approve this $607 deal on this 67k msrp car.


I am confused…if I look at a car in inventory and run the numbers using the launch rates, they aren’t anywhere near the calculator on the Polestar site.

Edit: are they passing the $7500 as a rebate or are they inflating the residual to account for it and there is no rebate?


@aronchi - I don’t really feel like going to the trouble to black out all the relevant personal data to show my actual deal sheet, but those are the numbers. I can promise the RV is $43,810 on $67,400. Looking at my paperwork right now as I need it for the Ca CVRP. Forgot to add that into my deal. Funding isn’t a guarantee, but if I do get the extra $2K rebate, this deal gets even better.

I was really, really surprised the RV was so high. MF on 39 months is basically 0, which is what I thought. They didn’t give it to me, but it’s not that hard to do the math.

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What was your actual DAS here?

Is the $7500 incentive shown as a rebate or is just knocked off the selling price?

$1155 drive off. $500 for the reservation. So, total out of pocket was $1655.

Did you already take Delivery? If Not before 11/2, Subtract $750 from the rebates. CCFR went down.

Goes down Nov 2.

Would also be interested in knowing how the 7500 is shown. I’m guessing they are adding it to the residual and that’s how, so the only rebate shown on the lease is the $1500 clean air rebate.

I approve you to not mention the 1% in your post :joy:


Took delivery on 9/23. I didn’t know about the CCFR going down until today. Makes me even happier about this deal.