Polestar 2 Preconfigured Lease Deals

It’s in the RV. My calculator is off by $30, so if his acq fee is upfront and not rolled in then it matches.


Just as a note here to anyone reading - this is a great car. I wanted the car because of the car, not the deal, and the deal just made it better. I had a Model 3 in the past (technically my SOs car, but I drove it quite a bit) and I could never quite love it. Tesla just doesn’t have the emotion I want out of a car. This is an EV for people who love cars.


1500 should be untaxed incentive?

Ugh bummer. I’m suddenly less interested.

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CCFR is a direct to consumer incentive treated as a cap cost reduction, so it should be taxed, no?

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Dunno. Doesn’t make a difference, really. I also don’t know what his actual dealer and gov fees are.

It applies to the MSRP before the sales tax applies so I think it’s untaxed, unlike the 7500.

I’d need to see how it’s written on the contract to really say, but unless it’s lowering the contract agreed on value, which isn’t how I recall seeing ccfr treated previously, it’d be taxed.

Just looked at my contract, it’s untaxed because my X5 45e got (1500 + 750) discount before the sales tax kicks in.

Why do you care if the 7500 is in an incentive or an RV bump?

I don’t per se, but I was hoping it was a 64% residual + $7500 rebate, which would make this especially tasty.


Wrangler 4xe is calling your name…

Lol I am the OG Wrangler 4xE poster (thread was closed due to size). Already have one.


If it’s showing up in the listed rebates section, it doesn’t get monthly sales tax, but it does get taxed in the upfront taxes section.

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Yes will work on it in coming days.

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Interesting car but jeez the website is just horrible – can’t figure out pricing

Agreed that the website sucks. It was a terrible process to actually get this car, but worth it because I love it, and the price is right. Polestar has a lot they still need to figure out on the ordering side. The dealers know too - I can promise you that. But the dealer I worked with, Polestar LA, was super great the whole time and they helped make up for the terrible ordering process.

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Added Polestar to SIGNED!.

Does anyone know Polestar’s disposition fee? Is it on the contract? Gonna add the acquisition and disposition fees onto the calculator as well.

@DC2.0 Thanks for sharing!


Should be same as Volvo.

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Acquisition fee $995, disposition $350.