Polestar 1 & 2 Electric Vehicles

… and commence the Polestar entry into the electric fray.

I’m looking forward to some sweet pics @fredyge94. :smiley:


Sorry for the cross-post, but here’s one in the wild in northern NJ!


Back in December I went to an event in NYC where they had the Polestar 2 on display, got some decent shots of it: FYI: Polestar 2 is in NYC this weekend


The Polestar 2 looks nice, but it as a lifter hatchback it tries to be a bit too much to everyone. I don’t like it as much as the S60/V60 Polestar styling. The interior is great, it looks like a next-gen Volvo Inscription interior. Hopefully Volvo is heading the same direction given all the parts sharing.

For purchase the pricing is about $10k too high, likely due to tariffs (built in China). We’ll see if Geely is willing to (eventually) offer as many incentives as they do with Volvo.

So Volvo design language minus the Volvo badge. Ok.

Also, very interesting that Volvo Manhattan didn’t get this franchise.

Likewise last August here in SD, my take was

If they offer loyalty to Volvo lessors, that may be next for me.

No franchises, they are doing pop up stores ala Tesla


Will also consider this next, but I have a feeling we’re going to have to wait for initial demand to drop to have the incentives allow it to lease well. Hopefully they’ll pass through the federal incentive.

There is no guarantee they offer lease programs. They may just do subscription and purchase.

I’m in my XC60 until Aug 2022 at this point, it’s been a year since I sat in a P2, I can wait.

They just did - screenshot above. $649/mo with $4K down


Oh yay! I’m on the email list and they usually send that stuff there first. Confirmation that VCFS is the captive?

Edit: this must be targeted regionally? I’m digging through email now.

Edit 2: definitely have not received anything from Polestar since 7/30, need to ping them. How dare they let me find this news out second-hand!

No idea :slight_smile:

That’s almost exactly the same DAS and monthly Tesla offers for a $60k Model Y. Geely is actually making more on this than Tesla since they have the benefit of keeping the federal incentive whereas Tesla’s has long since expired.

Check out the listing on polestar.com - you can build a lease there, though I haven’t found the expanded T&C link yet. I’m sure it’s there somewhere.

Edit - what’s really got me scratching my head is whether or not the federal credit is included in that 768/mo number or not. I think not, since it says “possible,” but then again with Tesla’s fuel savings numbers shenanigans, I’m not so sure…


Hard to tell if that price displayed already includes the federal incentive on a lease, but price wise it seems like it is not. The fact they call it a ‘tax credit’ makes it seems like it’s for someone who purchases.

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Polestar brought this car to us like 2 weeks ago for a rooftop movie night we had @DG-X5 :+1:


Manhattan Motorcars owns Volvo Manhattan


And he delivers!!! Thank you! :slight_smile:

Though, now I’ve gotta ask this… but what on earth is this fella lurking in the background? Looks quite interesting!

That is a ‘Glickenhaus Boot’. It’s a Baha 1000 off-road race truck. @DG-X5


Never knew that. Thanks.

They don’t want it directly associated with Volvo, I guess, while Manhattan Motorcars is a high end store

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