Please retire thx

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Yea man mine just laughed when I told them what I got it for!

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Of course it won’t “effect” payment :slightly_smiling_face:

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That almost bothered me as much as what they said


Discussing msd with a salesperson is like discussing politics with an elementary school kid. Just get your best deal and then put down msd at finance signing process

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Hahaha that’s the business office manager!

Hi There,
I live in CT. Is the MSD is must? How much per month with zero down on this Tacoma?

It is not but raises the price to 285/month w CT tax

If you do first and reg only it’s 285/month including your tax

Ok, I may be interested in this, how can I contact you?

3393640356 please

I’m flying and w clients tomorrow so I may be a little slow

Can’t do a tundra in NJ?

There’s no such thing as dumb questions, just dumb people who ask questions.

In this case, dumb people who answer them

:rofl::joy: Can’t win them all BCC

Haha no no I got the deal :slight_smile:

But my client/friend received that response from the BDC manager of a local dealer. I love it

“Alexa play, All I do is win by DJ Khaled for BCC”



Hahaha very nice of you!

That was good

Oh my!

Impossible to let this one go.

Do you have an estimate for delivery to SoFL?

Also, Do I need to sign in person?

Thanks in advance.

6 more taco pros available!

All 3 colors (2019)

$395 + Tax
Das: first, reg, 9 MSDs

$455+ tax
Das first and reg

Above assumes 12% off $46xxx truck

$47 and $48k trucks will be more

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Cement Manual taco is pending!


Just received 3 Black TRD Off Road Tacomas Manual Tranny w Premium and Tech! No tonneaus, but have steps!

These are New England Only

Through TFS
$222 + Tax
First, 9 MSDs, and Reg @ Signing

Lets roll em!