Please retire thx

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Amazing! Drive a brand new loaded Tacoma for 2 years with no cost maintenance for $7.30/day.

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Just wanted to pop in here now that I finally got my Taco and vouch for Mike. Best and most frictionless car purchasing experience of my life!

Hopefully he’s still around in 2 years when this bad boy is up.

Had the dealer put in the TRD Pro wheels from the 4Runner.


Whoa!!! The truck looks incredible with those wheels and tires man!!!
Thank you for the kind words.

Damn that looks good!

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Can’t thank you enough man. Especially with two kids and not having to go from dealer to dealer and try to haggle.

If anyone is on the fence about working with Mike just go ahead and do it!

Thank you brother! It was great to meet you and your little one too. Hoping you guys loved the museum

Very nice looking truck. Do you mind telling what’s the extra costs for the wheel?

I think around 1500 for wheels and tires. Definitely could have shopped around online for a better deal but I wanted them dealer installed before I got delivery.


This taco is pending to an awesome and loyal LH member!

Was it only one or an ongoing thing?


Not many of these out there but we’ll see as they come up!

Not many? You sell them out every day🤣
Gotta be a Tacoma OR MT fan club by now in New England:)


Not enough people drive manual these days :slight_smile:


Thanks for the reply. I want to do the same.

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Hey Folks!

This cement taco is available again!

Someone steal it at this price-

loaded cement tacoma off road!

$222/Month + Tax
DAS: First, 9 MSDs of $250, and Reg

Broker Fee $299

New England Only


Man would hop on this if I was in town next week! Insane deal!

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Some dealers are amazing huh?

One sent this to a client of mine a few days ago

Do you know if MSDs work in Utah? I just went to multiple dealerships and they said no.

I don’t know

Don’t do enough business there

They probably just don’t know

Are MSDs allowed on the Highlander or is the MF a special rate?

How much would the monthlys go up on the LE Plus or XLE if one needed 15K or 18K miles.

Thank you.


MF is too low (a good thing)

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