Please retire thx

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Whoa, I thought August was the last month for great Tacoma deals. Are those Off Roads manual or auto?

Woops! Meant to add Manual.

Best deals on manuals I have seen

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I can’t touch that price. Good deal! must be extra NE incentives? Ally is at $270+tt

Get them now folks. I see a residual drop coming next month as the 2020s start rolling out

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Ahhhh…that wouldn’t have worked then. One of the mandates in getting a Tacoma was no manuals allowed. For those who are allowed (lol) that’s a fantastic deal on a loaded truck.

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Very nice of you to say, Jim!

I like it when we can all win/work together man!

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Its a fantastic vehicle to teach someone how to drive stick on. Its warrantied, it’s a toyota, and the clutch/shifts feel like vehicles of the past, which makes it awesome.

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These are Short Beds, correct?

And it’s not your transmission :joy:


lol yes sir

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where is the excell sheet, i can not find it

Have you looked at the first post? :man_facepalming:

Thanks. Do you have Line 6 available, I am near chicago area, Lake county. what would be with tax


Mike’s right on the money as usual Toyota releases new year models in waves during second half of calendar year. The 2020 4Runners have started being built this month but with them still being built in Japan most likely won’t see them on the lots until late November. You might see one or two arrive to some dealers as a demo this month as well if you’re looking to see them in person.

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2 of 3 Manual Premium Tacos in Black are now pending/sold

Have one more ready to go!

New England Only

That makes sense. I did an autotrader search earlier and quite a few pop up. Not too many with pictures though so I assume that means they are in transit.

Fully planning on picking one up between December-Feb, I just hope the lease prices stay around the same for the SR5 premiums, hopefully they don’t jump up insanely.

Wondering if you still have any of the manual Tacoma’s left? I PMed you but I don’t think I can receive PMs yet. Thx.

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I have one left!

New England only though

Darn it! Thx!

Hey Folks!

If you’re looking to put together a Toyota deal before month end, please reach me tomorrow (Friday). My wife’s birthday is Saturday and while I like you all, I love her.