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End of month inventory updates here we go!

Any state but CA. Do not need to be in person.


Finally some NON bmw deals !! :joy:


lol! I had these all last month as well :slight_smile:

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Then I was just blinded by the bmw deals pouring here. :see_no_evil:

We all were lol

I learned more about BMWs in the last 15 days than I could have ever imagined.

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Don’t know how I did but I did it :slight_smile:

$499 Broker Fee ——-

Only Two. That’s all.

Voodoo Blue ---- Now Pending
Tacoma TRD Pro
$47xxx MSRP
$365/Month + Tax
DAS: MSDs of $3375, First Payment, Reg

Also a black one $10 more/ month

*similar trucks pictured


I’ll take it!

If anyone is interested please reply here and don’t PM me. I’ll work down the list here


Is it possible to take advantage of any of these deals if I reside in NY?


Shot you a PM

Man you’re killing it!!! with 80% residual and 12% off. I’m pretty sure who gets this, trade it/sell it still making money off it! lol. Hands down to you man!

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Thank you so much for the nice note!

Admittedly, all of these trucks are +80% residual on the 24/10 leases and I’m very lucky to have such a fantastic dealer.

This particular TRD PRO at 12% off caught me off guard! I’m thinking of grabbing it for myself and transferring the off road I just picked up :slight_smile:

Appreciate it!

I’d pick this one in a heart beat if I live in New England area. Over here at west coast, they put a second sticker on these bad boys lol and the wait to get one is 6 months+.

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Always good to learn more about this!

So you’re saying I need to pick it up?

Holy crap dude that TRD Pro deal is so much better than what we get in SoCal

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Thanks man!

It’s better than anything I’ve ever seen in New England as well. Just this one truck and one dealer. I checked the numbers with them 3 times before posting.

Am I crazy not to grab it for myself and transfer it to a west coaster for an incentive in 2 months?

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YES 202020

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Lol! Oh man.

I just passed up an M3 CS Deal so maybe it’s a sign.

Then I can transfer my current taco and pick this up for just a little bit more


2 of our M3CS customers from last month are looking to get out of theirs already so maybe that’s a sign too :joy:

I’m not a truck guy, but the TRD Pro (Especially in VooDoo) and the Raptor do it for me


I just wish the pro had a different engine in addition to the suspension. Voodoo does look great, though!

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