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I am looking for C300 2018/2019 with premium package and heated seat
Need 10k/y and I’m in seattle washington.
Please pm me.
Thank you!

  • Year/Make/Model or Budget or Vehicle Type 2019 Honda Odyssey Touring (possibly EX-L Nav/RES Under $450 a month
  • Term/Mileage 36/12K
  • Region/State CA
  • Preferred method of contact Email or PM on here
  • Special qualifications, if applicable (recent grad, competitive lessee, etc) Current lessee of a Toyota Sienna, previous Honda lessee also. Costco member, State of CA employee (social services)


Hope you’re willing to put a lot down because yikes, good luck with that.


Best lease with only $1100.00 total down taxes included, ( cook county ) Chicago. 39 months, 12k a year. Q60 infinity 6cl. All wheel drive…not the 400 sport.

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You need to register as a business in order to conduct business here FYI.

Also, I’d suggest refraining from “dream car” rhetoric. It doesn’t really resonate here.

Best of luck.


Looking to purchase a RRS Supercharged Dynamic in the next 30 days. Welcome any recommendations for best resources to find the right one and close the deal quickly - welcome broker feedback and dm’s.

39 mo/12k per year

Thanks in advance!

  1. 2018/2019 Volvo XC60/XC90 - t5 mom - preferably a loaner
  2. 36/15 or 39/15
  3. Southern California
  4. Email - Please PM to get my email.
  5. None that I know of

  1. Year/Make/Model or Budget or Vehicle Type
    2019 Porsche Cayenne or Macan (Open to Demos and Loaners)
  2. Term/Mileage
    10K/36 Months or 10K/39 Months
  3. Region/State
    South Florida, FL
  4. Preferred method of contact
  5. Special qualifications, if applicable (recent grad, competitive lessee, etc.)
    Recent Grad. Currently leasing BMW and Mercedes.

Willing to pick up out of state if the deal makes sense.


Hi Dealers/Brokers,

Here are my parameters:

  1. ~$400/mo with tax
  2. 2 - 3 years / 7.5K - 10K
  3. San Francisco Bay Area, CA
  4. PM
  5. Previous Lexus leaser



I want to lease
2019 Nissan Leaf S,
3 years,
15k/year mileage.
San Francisco Bay area
Current Nissan Leaf owner
VPP through work

Currently Nissan Hayward offers $139/month with $2500 down for 10k/year mileage.
Please let me know your best offer for 15k/year mileage.

Update: I have purchased the car with the above details from Dublin Nissan $260/month with $2500 down including maintenance and Wear & Tear.


Kia Forte should fit in your budget. Lol what car do you want? Help the brokers help you.


My proposal:

BMW 19 X6, dark interior (outside color flexible)
MSRP Circa 72k (plus minus 500)
10k miles / 36 months
tax & bank fee in monthly payment
NYS taxes
7 MSD’s
OL Code from driving event
Current BMW owner
Monthly: $600 (or very close)

Happy to hear offers.



Anyone got anything decent in the small lux SUV category?

  1. Small lux SUV, 2018 or 2019. (X3, GLC or something of this size. X1’s a bit too small.)
  2. 12k pref
  3. FL, specifically so-fl
  4. PM me
  5. Recent grad, currently own a '17 Escape outright


Looking to lease a 4 door pickup truck with the max cabin space(need room for car seat)
I like the Tundra, Ram, and F150 but would also look at the Canyon/Colorado/Frontier for price reasons

Need 15k miles/year
Looking to pay $300/month or lower with first month DAS

Have a qx60 lease in household

Located in NY


In need of a second car that gets driven occasionally so fine with limited miles (100-400/month or even one that is over). Prefer a full size SUV (Explorer, Pathfinder, Acadia, QX60, Highlander, etc) with 12-24 months left over and 30K total lease to avoid additional maintenance and tires if possible. Willing to spend upwards of $400/month but offer will depend on the car and mileage remaining. Assume there may be a few hackrs out there who got a greal deal but put on too much mileage already and ready to move on. Nothing good on SAL currently and hard to negotiate a fair price when they got a bad deal to start. Not overly picky about color but need leather or leatherette with small kids.

In NJ and nearby states are ok (if your lease allows for out of state transfers) but prefer not NY due to tax implications (unless you want to pickup the my NJ tax bill). Feel free to PM me what you have and the details of your lease and we can go from there. Need to figure this out ASAP otherwise will just go with a new QX60.

Yes, I know buying a car in this situation likely makes more sense financially, but prefer leasing from a convenience standpoint.

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I was gonna say if this post was a serious sounding prank till i read the last line LOL


I sent a note to @michael…he’s the only one that can.


No chance to get any of those $300 or lower unless you get the most basic Ram on the market.


Cant certainly help and get you 5% off but you’ll be spending north of $1600/month